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The Lightening Session

Sometimes all it takes is a single insight to massively shift your consciousness to another level.

This transformational coaching session is for you if you want to get straight to the root of an issue, challenge or situation that requires more clarity, deeper awareness, and transformation in your life/ health/ relationships/ business/ career.

Are you prepared to go straight to the root, drop the mask & see clearly no matter how uncomfortable or incredible that might feel?

There is nothing you cannot heal, transform & breakthrough.


£295- 1 x 60min Session - Via Skype



The Impact Program - Kids & Adults

A highly effective & immersive program for trauma, mental health, suicidal crisis, abuse, eating disorders, addiction, high anxiety & depression.

A program designed specifically to support your unique needs,

Used mainly by referrals from GP practitioners, priory, cardinal clinic.


6wks  - £3k - Adults - £1,500 - Kids

(Weekly Contact, Coaching & Access To Personal Email & Phone Emergencies) 





MedYoga Therapy / 7 Keys Meditation/ Mindfulness

Options can include:

Emotional Healing, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), MedYoga (Mindful Yoga), The 7 Keys Meditation, Mindfulness, Emotional Healing, Deep Sleep Therapy, Ecstatic Dancing, Sound, Reiki, Energy Healing, Breathing Exercises.

Tools for Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm


£145 - 1x 75min Session (trial)

£1,250 - 10wk Consecutive Booking 



Design Your Destiny

Transformational coaching to support you in creating your new Life & Business

This is for courageous souls who want to create big breakthroughs or perhaps leave a corporate career to follow a destiny & career path much more aligned to the heart, soul & authentic self.

Includes fortnightly coaching, workbooks & weekly email support.


£3k- 3mths - 121 Coaching Via Skype

£5k- 6mths - 121 Coaching Via Skype

£245 - 1 Day Immersion Workshop (Held Yearly - January)



Angelic Soul Sessions

Channeled hands-on sessions, directed by my spirit guides, angelic beings & my own intuitive gifts as a transformational coach, healer & psychic.

The experience often involves Reiki/ Energy Healing/ Chakra Balancing/ Cellular Reprogramming / Sound/Colour Healing/ Re-Patterning/ Meditation & Aura Cleansing.

You will be asked to lie back on a massage bed, guided into a meditative state & simply allow the space to receive healing from myself & my guides.


£115 - 1x 60min Session  / £300 - 3 x Session 

***Only Available from January - March - Limited Availablity



Premium Private Retreats 3-7nights

Book me for 3-7 nights at a stunning location allowing us to dive deep into transformation.

We will create a bespoke program tailored specifically to your requirements, needs & challenges.

You will have space to reflect, get clear on what you really want & align to your next best step in life, health, relationships or business.


3 Nights - £5k

7 Nights - £10k


The Awakening Process

For: Trauma, Abuse, Addictions, Anxiety, Mental Health, PTSD & Chronic Health Issues

My unique system cultivated & perfected from 25-15yrs of intensive research. Combining the most effective transformation techniques I have discovered over 25yrs to shift stubborn blocks buried deep within the unconscious mind creating dis-harmony, dis-ease & dis-connection mentally, physically & emotionally.

This is a profound technique that has helped clients in their process of recovery from PTSD, trauma, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addictions, fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer etc as well as empower you to take control of your life, health & well-being.

The most powerful way I know to safely enter the subconscious mind, shift & transform unwanted behaviors, patterns & cycles.

1x Master Session - £345 - Via Skype (90mins)

Includes: Audio Recording