Life & Business Programs


Lightening Session

A 45 or 90 min break through into any block, belief or behaviour that is holding you back in life or business.

Sometimes, all it takes is a new awareness, insight or light bulb moment to completely shift the course of your life.


1 x 45min Session Via Skype: £195

1 x 90min Session Via Skype: £345

Soul Magic Sessions

Spend a self indulgent & luxury day or weekend alone with Davinder.

This is a magical experience of self love, profound transformation & growth for your life & business.

Together, we’ll get super clear on where you are now & where you really want to be in life, health, relationships or biz.

You’ll leave with a soulful plan aligned to your heart’s true desires giving you the confidence to step, leap or jump forwards.

You’ll be nurtured in luxury surroundings that nourish the mind, body & soul with super loving foods, medyoga & my unique transformation tools.

From: £1,495 - £5k (depending on venue)

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Higher Self Priestess

This program is a 6mth or 12mth intensive coaching program for women looking to create a soulful business & life.

This is for you if you are serious about making a transition from a corporate career to your own business or want to reach a higher level of success in your current business using my feminine system of manifestation rather than the old masculine system of push, pull & overwhelm.


£7k - 6mth Program
£12k - 12mth Program

Goddess Program

Life & empowerment coaching for women who are ready to claim much more love, joy & happiness...

Sexual Intimacy, Body Image, Self Love, Relationships, Health, Wealth, Confidence, Self Worth & Self Empowerment.


1 Month: £1k

3 Months: £3k