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Meditate Fear Away | 25min Guided Audio


Transform fear to power, lean into your fears with meditation & mindfulness...

It’s hard to imagine life without fear. Taming it and directing it is one of life’s greatest challenges & ultimate spiritual practices.

Whenever you feel the energy of fear, don’t avoid the feeling. Get still, pay attention & be silent with it. Most importantly, be kind toward yourself for being afraid, it's part of the soul journey as it builds resilience, compassion & wisdom.

When you ground yourself through fear, this energy rides up to the heart chakra where it transforms & alchemises back to love - the gold of the universe!. This is the warrior journey to discovering your true power so lean into the fear, not away.


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Practice: Observe The Fear

Being able to recognise that fear is present can be hugely important in not allowing it to control you.

As you notice your heart pumping more, your chest tightening, your back stiffening, take 5-10 deep breaths, however many you need to slow your body down. Place your hand on your heart & that will help ground you back into the body and out of the racing mind.

Acknowledge to yourself or someone you feel safe with “I’m scared. I’m afraid.”

Name the fear so you automatically create a bit of distance between yourself and the intensity of the emotional reaction as an observer.

Say a few phrases of well-wishing toward yourself and for others using metta/ loving kindness:

May (I/others) be liberated from our fear,

May (I/others) be safe, stable & courageous with fear,

May (I/others) be happy, calm and centered in spite of fear,

May (I/others) always be guided to choose love & trust over fear & doubt,

May (I/others) know love.


The below meditation exercise will support you in stabilising, grounding & feeling more comfortable to lean into your fear.

The exercise slows the brain waves down to the Alpha state using the breath which is a much more embodied & receptive state allowing us to access more of the potential that lies dormant within our subconscious mind.

When we feel more embodied we are much more open to life, able to face our challenges head-on & move through difficult emotions without resisting & creating blocks or potential disease.

This meditation will leave you feeling much calmer, present & start to dissolve fears you have accumulated throughout the day as well as maintain your daily detoxification of the brain so you can keep your creative juices flowing.

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