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The 7 Keys Meditation | Online Classes

Mental Health, Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Abuse, Addictions, Suicidal Crisis & Nervous System Recovery.

The 7 Keys is a mindful breathwork, meditative & spiritually empowering approach to managing stress, anxiety & mental health and is aimed at rewiring the brain, resetting the nervous system and healing past wounding.

Clients often choose The 7 Keys Meditation in addition to regular Energy Healing sessions, The Awakening Process &/or MedYoga Therapy to accelerate their transformation, healing and embodiment potential.

The 7 Keys offers a framework to develop a steady, safe & resilient foundation to navigate through fight, flight, or freeze responses and provides tools, skills & spiritual teachings to find liberation/ relief from trauma states, reactivity & unconscious actions.


  • Rewire The Brain,
  • Improve Heart Rate Variability,
  • Activate Your Parasympathetic Nervous System,
  • Stimulate The Vagus Nerve/ Switch Off Fight/Flight,
  • Clear The Past/ Karma From The Cellular Body, 
  • Create New Neurological Pathways 4 Wellness,
  • Dissolve, Manage & Transform The Pain Body/ Shadow,
  • Transform Your Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Health,
  • Manifest & Embody The Life Your Higher Soul Truly Desires,
  • Connect To Source/ Higher States Of Consciousness,


"The result of working with Davinder was a considerable & immediate lowering of my blood pressure.

7 Keys Meditation & MedYoga were the key tools helping me manage my stress levels, mental resilience & cancer recovery.

I’m truly not sure whether I could have got through without it.

This work changes your life".


Andy Taylor @Phantom Music/ Iron Maiden



What To Expect


Wk 1 -(30mins)

Foundations: Breathwork & Pranayama

Calm The Mind - Vagus Nerve, Stress Response, Nervous System


Wk 2 -(30mins)

Beginners: Mantras & Humming

Increase Vagal Tone - Vibration, Frequency, Tune Up & Reset


Wk 3 -(45mins)

Intermediates: Heart Mudra & Chakras

Heart Brain Coherence - Toning, Drumming & Energy/ Meridian Points


Wk 4 -(60mins)

Advanced: The 7 Keys Meditation

Deep Cellular Healing - Trauma, Pain Body, Shadow, Presence, Resilience 


***Join Us As Often As You Like @7.30pm GMT

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The 7 Keys Has Supported Hundreds Of Clients Over 15yrs.

From GP Referrals To Cardinal & Priory Clinic Self Referrals.