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Power Of The Soul - MedYoga Retreats 2020

Revolutionise How You Think, Feel & Behave...


(Maximum of 10 persons per retreat)

Deep down we all dream of being able to live a remarkable & successful life: one we truly love, that makes a positive difference in the world & gives us and those around us much more peace, joy, purpose, love, connection & a deeper meaning.


"Power Of The Soul" MedYoga Retreats are designed to take you through a deep inner transformation journey. A complete mind, body & soul immersion placing you in natural, real, raw yet indulgent surroundings. Workshops will guide, empower & inspire you with my unique teachings, transformational coaching, mindset techniques, exercises, resources & strategies on Health & Fitness as well as Lifestyle & Business Choices."


You'll be guided you through a life-changing process to revolutionise how you think, act, behave & feel about life, yourself & this world. It’s essential to take time away every year to be with yourself in a sacred, supported & deeply soul-nourishing space to stay connected to a higher level of consciousness, awareness & greater potential.

This is an opportunity to spend time with like-minded souls who are also on the awakening journey & utilise my 25yr expertise in this field.

When you join a retreat with me you can expect that something will happen.

Something in your life will shift...


You’ll experience an environment where people are unusually open and authentic. It’s a rare opportunity to see inside others, to discover that many of us have the same fears, challenges and desires. You’ll feel connected, supported & safe enough to share your rarely-seen inner self with others; you will be seen & see!

This is a powerfully profound life gift & once in a lifetime experience!

A DEEPLY transformative experiential journey so it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, explore & be willing to meet another side to you that may have been ignored, suppressed & undernourished.

You won’t be just sitting around listening and thinking; you’ll be getting up and doing too!


This is a safe place, a place to take risks but NOT a place to play safe.

Who is it for?

Whether you’re interested in self-development, transformation or growth for yourself or you lead, teach or manage in any capacity my transformational retreats & workshops will enhance your own success & inspire you to help others too.

I want the best for you.

I want you to know, FEEL & experience the power you have within you, let's activate it for the good of all now.


So What's Included In My 4-7 Night Luxury Retreats?

  • 4/7 Nights accommodation,
  • Locations voted & awarded “Best Retreats” in the world
  • Daily vege brunch and dinner in abundance
  • My unique daily morning superfood green juice to start the day,
  • 1 x 121 private life/ health/ business coaching session (worth £495)
  • 2 x daily 90min immersive MedYoga & 7 keys meditation classes,
  • Introductory manual, workbooks & emergency de-stress tool kit
  • Group coaching & empowerment workshops,

What’s Not Included?

  • Flights & Transfers - do not book flights without authorisation.
  • Massages/ additional therapies
  • 1 X dinner out @ local restaurant
  • Additional 121 coaching, healing & counselling

What do I do Next?

All of my Retreats Sell out at least 6 Weeks in Advance, meaning that if you see spaces, apply fast, once you apply we can discuss in-depth your goals, your vision and what you would love to achieve by joining me.

Then, we explore whether or not one of my luxury retreats will be for you.

If it is we secure your place with full payment.

By applying for a call, there is no obligation to join me, and I’m only looking for the most committed individuals who really want to make a change and experience life-changing results.

Go ahead and Apply Now By Clicking the button below.

Spain: 7 nights

Max: 25 Persons
Cost: £1,495 (excudes 121 coaching)
Location: Molino Del Rey, Andalucia, Spain
Next Date: XXX

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Cornwall: 5 nights

Max: 10 Persons
Cost: £1,295 
Location: Cornwall - Looe
Next Date: TBA

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