MedYoga School

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A 20yr successfully proven & effective Breathwork & Bodywork practice suitable for all ages & levels.

Designed to assist humanity through the current Awakening & Ascension journey:

Healing, Trauma & the Pain Body,

Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Health & Wellbeing,Β 

& Embodiment of the Divine Feminine.

Influences From: Sivananda Hatha Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, Chi Kung & The School Of Energy Healing

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Selina Marsden

I have gained so much in the last 15 months since working with you and know without your teachings and doing the work I would not have had the courage to step into my fear and begin to transform my life.Β 

QPR Football Team

Thank you, Davinder! This was just what was needed. Expertly lead, deeply therapeutic & challenging! I know MedYoga is going to help the team Mentally & Physically. We can't wait to have you back for more!

Annie Smith

Hi, Davinder it was so lovely to practice with you today. I came away feeling wonderful and pain-free. This is something rare these days as the arthritis is still active and affecting my heart also. I was also happy to meditate using SA TA NA MA as it’s a mantra I use.

I do hope you manage to fit in a class at TMC soon!

Your Guide...

Welcome, I'm Davinder Ojalla...


For approx 20yrs I've committed my life to helping others learn the powerful principles of MedYoga (Meditation-Yoga).

Anybody, at any age or level of fitness, can use these powerful moving meditations, breathwork, and bodywork techniques – perhaps to improve fitness levels, find recovery from mental, emotional, physical & spiritual imbalances, heal an injury or illness, achieve a deeper sense of calm, and to relieve everyday tension and stress.

Davinder - High Res -194



Through my educational, impactful & engaging classes I've helped thousands of students:

πŸ’• Heal/find relief from physical pain, injuries, and even disease,

πŸ’• Find stability/freedom from panic attacks, anxiety & mental imbalances,

πŸ’• Slow the aging process, improve balance & coordination,

πŸ’• Channel & access energy, increase chi/energy/prana & vital life force,

πŸ’• Feel better, more content, satisfied & positive/optimistic,

πŸ’• Strengthen their connection to Source, Intuition & Multi-Sensory Powers,

πŸ’• Alleviate compulsive thinking, worry, fear, doubt & negative mind loops,

πŸ’• Feel self-empowered, confident & present in their life, mind & body,

πŸ’• Build a healthy, loving & compassionate relationship with the body,

πŸ’• Awaken potential/kundalini to direct into their life mission/purpose,

πŸ’• Master energy & learn to respond rather than react to life,

πŸ’• Transform negative self-talk/thoughts/beliefs and create a new story,

πŸ’• Develop the 3rd eye, visualisation & creativity for fulfilling manifestations,

πŸ’• Stabilise within the heart to attract authentic love, success, prosperity & more


Adrian G

Davinder is the most wonderful teacher, whose calm nature & guidance makes this practice very easy & comfortable.

Davinder has also helped me cope mentally, physically & emotionally with arthritic pain. I truly can't recommend her highly enough - from an inflexible novice like me to JEDI masters!

Melissa Johnson

"Seriously Davinder - you are magic!! Listened to the "7 Keys" for healing as I felt nauseous & my arm pain was getting me down. Came down after the meditation and whilst movement was still limited, the pain had totally gone. I haven't had a pain killer this morning & I didn't wake up once during the night - I can't tell you how much better I am feeling. It's unbelievable. Wow! You are amazing - I am amazed".

Steve Munn

Davinder is a truly gifted, warm, and knowledgeable teacher.

Davinder has an unusual gift which she just can’t help but share & spending time with her is always a powerful, but gentle reminder of just how much we really are capable of with the right guidance.

Where To Start...

πŸ’• When you connect to a more loving, compassionate & kind place within, you automatically become better, do better & effect better,

πŸ’• Anyone can learn to plug into the "Source" that naturally moves to heal all pain, suffering & lack back to wholeness,

πŸ’• MedYoga is a deeply philosophical practice encouraging you to question how you wish to show up in the world & what kind of society you truly wish to be a part of,

πŸ’• MedYoga has been created to assist during the Great Awakening & to support humanity during this evolutionary phase of self-discovery & enlightenment for the masses,

πŸ’• MedYoga uses the most powerful spiritual teachings that breakdown identification with the mind, enabling the divine purpose of the universe to unfold through you.



Highly recommended & proven over 20yrs to be an effective healing & therapeutic practice for Stress, Compulsive Thinking, OCD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Insomnia, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Addiction, Eating Disorders, Asthma, Trauma, Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Imbalances.



A simple, yet deep & profound mindful-yoga practice empowering the individual to awaken their true Human Potential through Spiritual Power, Divine Connection & Full Heart Embodiment.

As the world embarks on a journey towards higher & higher consciousness the human being will be impacted in many ways Mentally, Emotionally, Physically & Spiritually,

MedYoga supports the balancing of the Yin & Yang, Male & Female, Heart & Mind union,

MedYoga & The "7 Key"s Meditation have been created to assist during the Great Awakening & to support humanity during this evolutionary phase of self-discovery, self-healing, liberation & enlightenment for the masses.

Weekly Classes & 30 Day Archive...

Receive/ Join a new MedYoga class every week (Mondays @7.30pm GMT)...

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Now, thanks to the internet, you can finally take my classes from home, whenever it’s convenient for you.

Can't make the live? - Don't worry this will be archived for you to practice with me at the time that is most convenient for you.

Whether you’re just getting started, or have years of practice under your belt, I’m confident that you’ll find my style of teaching practical, effective, and balanced.

Looking forward to working with you!

Weekly Live Classes Monday @7.30pm GMT

***Archived & available for 30 days in case you miss it.