Mental Health…

15-20yrs ago I was working as a director for a large global FTSE 100 company & just offered a promotion I had been chasing for a while.

I believed taking me over the 6 figure mark would finally help me feel I was good enough.

By the time I was 28yrs old, I was to to be the new Regional Director giving me responsibility for thousands of employees across London.

I should have been over joyed!

But the truth, I felt sick to my tummy. I was already overwhelmed, anxious & exhausted but I was too afraid to say no and think about what else I might do with my life.

It had been drummed into me that life was all about working hard, making money & surviving!

It was a really scary time as I loved my stiletto & heel addiction yet I had this gnawing feeling inside me that this was not my real path, somehow I had got lost & lost myself in the pursuit of  love, approval & external validation.

Inside, I was a mess, emotionally numb & over socialising to keep me away from the ache inside me when I stopped for 5mins. My mind was always going 100mph & the only way it switched off was with a fag or ginger nuts!

I needed to make a decision immediately & I thought it was going to be a YES!!! –

But, on the day as I phoned my boss, out my mouth spilled:

“I’m leaving, I can’t do this, I need a break” – where the hell did this voice come from??

My SOUL was so loud & screamed the truth at me – I was unfulfilled, chasing the wrong things for love & approval and what’s more – I wasn’t happy. Not deeply happy, the way I used to be. I was disconnected.

For days, I had this deep feeling inside my gut that just wouldn’t go away – a calling, nudge, intuition that told me I was meant for much more!

This isn’t how I was meant to be living. I was worth more than this – no money could fix this.

Eventually, I was offered a 100% increase in the salary!!

From somewhere deep inside of me rose a voice (that inner small voice) that told me to go for my dreams, to find out who I really was & to trust I was guided by a source far greater than I could imagine. To NOT take the money over my SOUL.

Terrified & shaking, I let my manager know I needed a sabbatical as I was burning out yet I knew once I left I would never make it back. I had no idea how I was going to pay my mortgage, my car or food even.

Mum & Dad would surely go nuts!

They did.

In fact, everyone did. Everyone thought I had gone mad, crazy, having a mental breakdown.

Why would any sane person leave their security & go heading off to go to a Yoga retreat & bum around Africa without a plan?

I chose to take the leap, it was a rocky road – loosing an identity I thought was actually me.

This was the catalyst for my spiritual awakening which I am now loving taking other people through.

I would love to say it was full of rainbows & unicorns but the truth is a awakening journey is tough.

As your identity & masks crumble you are left alone with the recesses of your mind, buried emotions & fears.

They can’t be covered over – not a true awakening anyway. For you to step into who you truly were born to be, to let your inner light be seen you must be willing to see cracks appear where you never knew they existed and not run from yourself.

As the old you, fixtures & fittings start to crumble, your inner world clears out the clutter & allows the outer world to rearrange itself aligned to your now new vibration.

To go beyond your limitations, live your truth & create a life you deserve, mental mastery is essential.

Mental health for me is about undoing & letting go of what is messy inside of us. We are all a little crazy & when we lean into our craziness, guess what? – we stop fearing it. This is liberation.

Mental Health empowerment is in fact a spiritual journey as once you go beyond the mind, detach from the mind, you meet your soul/ higher self. With that awareness & connection, you can meet any storm in life with an open heart.

This is the power of transformation.

I have built a business I love, far from perfect by any means, a life I love, again – full of challenges yet – it’s my creation, my choosing & every day I build inner resources that empower me mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually to keep taking one step at a time so that I can fulfil my greater purpose in life.

I would love to help you do the same.

Whether you already have a business, or are stuck in an unfulfilling career, business, relationship or suffering stress, anxiety/ overwhelm, please allow yourself to be supported.

Reach out, connect & ask for assistance.

Life is precious & you were and are meant to be living a life of joy, freedom & fulfilment.

It’s not an overnight thing but the right people, community & guides make it possible.

We all have a unique gift & unique seed of potential within us.

What will help…

1). Being honest about where you are now – what’s truly working & not working,

2). Re-connecting to your soul, opening your heart & knowing what truly lights you up,

3). Having a clear & solid vision, set of values & foundation on which to build,

4). Structures, systems & management skills, resources & planning,

5). Coaching from someone that has been there too!

Suggested Resources to get started…

Advanced Yoga Nidra Meditation

A powerful advanced meditation to master the monkey mind, allowing you to redirect your thoughts & tap into higher consciousness to heal all aspects of your being.

Use as often as you feel called to.

Great to practise before sleep.

Listen to sample:

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