The Heart Is More Powerful Than The Brain

Yes, the heart runs the show - it is more powerful than the brain. The heart has neural tissue that allows it to "think" in the same way our brains do. Yet, it's 100x more powerful electrically & 5,000x more powerful magnetically than the brain. This is all evidenced by researchers from the Institute of Heart Math - a leading edge scientific community. Confirming what the yogis have known for thousands of years.

The below meditation - metta meditation trains the heart to give & receive love & kindness whilst also offering compassion to human suffering.


“An Open Heart Is An Open Mind"


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Metta meditation - known as “Loving Kindness” is a scientifically proven meditation that is incredibly beautiful, nourishing & simple - a buddhist meditation that focuses the mind towards love, peace & forgiveness for ourselves, others & the world. The most powerful of all buddhist meditations to create massive transformation in your life, health & relationships.

It sounds nice doesn't it? But, I want you to really take on board - this isn't just NICE. This is an ancient technique that is now being discovered by scientists to create massive shifts, change & transformation in human beings as well as the environment around us.

Through practising “metta” we harness a greater ability for compassion, healing & forgiveness in our relationships with loved ones, our selves, our body-mind & life.


We are tapping into the most powerful ENERGY that exists: LOVE. 


Love is an energy that is extended out to the world & ourselves through the portal of the heart chakra so learning how to open & keep the energy flowing here is super important for our own health & wellbeing too. Once your inner world is vibrating love, compassion & freedom, your outer world will rearrange itself to match this new vibration too.


We are living in anxious times indeed.

Yet, despite these turbulent/ “dark times” we’re facing on the planet right now, the human heart only ever truly desires one simple thing: to love & be loved.

In this month’s invitation, I hope to inspire & empower you to live much more mindfully, deliberately & consciously with an open heart.

Giving is about more than a luxury gift wrapped in paper - it’s about making a connection, it’s the luxury of a intimate positive experience, it’s the bridge between you & a different that embraces the soul’s needs & desires.

So, if there is anything you want to give to others this holiday season, let it be an unforgettable experience. Let it be a lasting memory. Let it be generosity of spirit, love & kindness. Let it be forgiveness, your time & your attention.

Most importantly - let it be your PRESENCE.

I feel this month is the perfect month to introduce you to the greater creative, healing & transformative power of your own heart...



“Opening our hearts & minds to others means making the effort to go beyond where we come from, where we live, what we look like & what we believe in - and ultimately embracing and celebrating the diversity of the human soul”



Transformation doesn’t really have to be more complicated than that. Love itself is the power behind the universe, creation & life. Yet the mind likes to believe love is not enough as love is not an action - it’s  a state of BEING.

Yet, BEING is where the seeds to all our manifestations arise from so returning home to the heart & ensuring it’s well tended to, nourished & cared for lays the foundations for it to thrive naturally, organically & in perfect timing.

I know you know the power of love, I really don’t need to tell you all this.


But how often do you find yourself reacting, blaming, judging, complaining, doubting, controlling, forcing etc etc rather than sitting comfortably in your natural state of flow/trust & love?

I spent so many years getting pushed & pulled around by my mind, my emotions & my crazy thoughts! This meditation always helps bring me back to my heart, my home & true self reminding me of my power whenever I forget.

It’s easy to forget who you truly are with all these crazy late night parties the mind has!

Health, harmony, peace, wellbeing, connection, intimacy, joy, pleasure etc all begin with self love.


This is the beauty of “Metta - Loving Kindness” meditation.

I would love you to experience it's power...


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