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Ho'ponopono is a mental, emotional, physical & spiritual cleaning exercise that asks Source to press the delete button & transmute any negativity we are unconsciously creating throughout the day...because we are ALL doing this. It's not our fault - it's our conditioning.

The intention is to create transformation for the world and yourself through taking full responsibility & control of the steering wheel to allow your soul & higher consciousness to guide you to more empowered or neutral thoughts & feelings as situations arise in your day to day life through raising your level of consciousness.

This is cause & effect/ reaping what you sow/ karma. Being conscious & a co-creator of this is the process we refer to as awakening. (The purpose of "The Lighthouse")


It's a simple process: "I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you"

Both meditation and yoga nidra help activate the relaxation response and improve the functioning of your nervous system and endocrine system, which affects your hormones. Both meditation and yoga nidra help cells regenerate and repair, and both help decrease anxiety and improve your mood.


  • Benefits of Yoga Nidra meditation practice:
  • Physical - improves the quality of your sleep and the amount of sleep,
  • Mental - enhances your mental focus and attention span,
  • Emotional - gives you more ease and peace of mind in daily life,

Chakra meditation is a form of meditation that consists of a set of relaxation techniques focused on bringing balance, relaxation, and well-being to the 7 main energy portals of the body. “Chakra” is an ancient Sanskrit word that means vortex or wheel that can be traced back to India.

Chakras are the human body’s seven main energy centers with each one corresponding to individual glands that govern our specific body parts plus various areas of the psyche. They are located next to a hormonal gland along the human spinal column. Chakra meditations support the health & well-being of an individual mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually.

Chakras can become blocked and if even one of the 7 Chakras becomes blocked, it sets us up for physical and emotional problems which is something no one wants. Try this meditation weekly to start with & as you progress you can drop to monthly.

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