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My 1 Page Morning & Evening Check-In

"Pay Attention, Get Still & You Will Hear So Much More Of Your Soul Truth"

Davinder Ojalla - The Lightworker Coach

How you start the day has a huge influence on how the rest of your day will unfold.

Often we forget we're co-creating our reality every second of the day. A daily morning ritual - just 5-10mins is a powerful foundation to support you in laying deeper roots into your truth, creativity & adventure with life. When you play with the universe, the universe will play with you.

This month, I'm sharing a morning & evening spiritual practice I use that has allowed me to build my confidence muscle, feel more empowered & take accountability for my choices, decisions, actions & behaviors.

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Let me know how you get on with it.

To your ascension!


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I love this morning & evening check-in...

Over the years I've noticed how much it's impacted my ability to trust, hear & own myself and the life I create.


This process will help you to:

1). Create a simple yet powerful 5min morning & evening check-in practice,

2). Get clarity on what you wish to create & navigate towards every day,

3). Set your intentions & take the right steps to move you towards your desired feelings,

4). Prioritise just 3 realistic actions a day to move you forward one step at a time - no more overwhelm!


Most of my poor past choices & decisions in life - believe me, there were many!!, were the result of not knowing what self-trust or trust of others really felt like in my mind, body or life. Growing up in a household where there was a lot of trauma & betrayal meant my mind was programmed to self protect, react or feel victimised in challenging situations.


I would often find myself achieving high, burning out & crashing and just couldn't sustain everything I was putting my heart & soul into. Being a passionate soul that loves most things can be difficult to manage which is why balance, self-care & mindfulness have been life long lessons that have taught me so much.

I simply didn't have the resources given to me that would have allowed me to trust life, invite in challenges as a part of growth & my evolution - let alone confront fear and move through with courage! I was stuck for a long time as I resisted myself & therefore my expansion.

Having a regular spiritual practice gives you the time, space & self-education that you just can't get from anyone or anything else. There is great power inside of you that wants to open up & reveal it's unique gifts, messages, and soul truth to you. This powerful force within you wants you to move towards higher & higher states of consciousness, happiness & self-liberation.



My simple daily morning & evening practice below helps you build trust. Trust is closely linked to confidence which impacts our choices & decisions resulting in our life situation. When we trust ourselves we trust life, which allows us to live more fully in the present moment & in the flow state. From this state, we can play & enjoy co-creating with a kind, loving & supportive universe. Having a regular spiritual practice brings you back into harmony with nature, releases resistance & helps to heal your mental, emotional & physical bodies.

Living inflow requires a degree of self-mastery, presence power & the ability to listen deeply, intuitively & without judgment. Many of us are bombarded with so many external stimuli, pressures & responsibilities that stress, anxiety & overwhelm have prioritised over being present, joyful & in the flow.

Checking in with your feelings, thoughts & needs often fall by the wayside until the body is screaming or there is a crisis in our life situation. We can all learn to tune into the body's multi-dimensional intelligence and develop our intuitive & listening skills to pick up messages much sooner.

The body is your Sat Nav as you navigate life. Your emotions & thoughts show you when you're in alignment with your fulfillment, health & wellbeing & when you are heading off track. Learning to listen to these warnings signs early on, allows us to course-correct, refuel & take leadership of our life.



Ignoring your feelings, emotions & thoughts leads to a lack of focus, concentration & connection with yourself, others & life resulting in stress, anxiety, overwhelm & poor decisions. A 5min daily check-in allows us to respond to life situations & people with deeper insight, reflection & higher consciousness.

The mind is like a computer system with lots of outdated files from the past & these need upgrading regularly otherwise just like a computer we get viruses & bugs! Trusting yourself is one of the most helpful things you can do for yourself & others in your life as it impacts those you interact with & how much you can give.

Learning to trust yourself with yourself is worth the pot of gold at the end. It takes time but is worth your investment.


Take 5-10mins every morning & evening to complete your worksheet below.

Good luck & enjoy the ride.

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1 Page Morning & evening Check In


"My 1-Page Daily Check ln"

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