Free Your Mind & Empower Your Life! (3)

7min | Meditation For Busy People | Life & Business


When we get caught up in the busy-ness of life & business we tend to become much more reactive to our environment rather than responsive.

This is in fact, a powerless state which strengthens the old/ current conditioning within the brain/ mind rather than creating new neurological pathways and new potentials.

If you're a chaotic busy person, your mind is likely also super busy & therefore on unconscious rinse & repeat.

A busy mind is the reflection of someone who is not fully embodied within the heart. If you want authentic & sustainable success you have to align vibrationally to the higher frequency states before your desired manifestation/ outcome can show up for you.

Guided Meditation Below...

Sometimes just a little time, attention & kindness to ourselves is all we need to feel seen, felt & heard. This alone re-connects us to the Source of our being & re-anchors us back to our heart's natural state of abundance, peace, harmony, intimacy, love, joy & connection. These states can only be authentically activated from the heart space and aligning it with the mind.


A short daily meditation can make a HUGE difference in what you can give & receive and therefore attract vibrationally. Meditation helps to counteract any imbalances & impurities within the mind or those moments when you're choosing unconsciously, eating unmindfully, self-sabotaging or caught in a negative pattern, conditioning or karmic cycle.


This meditation will support you in changing your reaction, making new empowered choices & thus transforming the karmic condition. This is hugely empowering and I have used this tool for hundreds of clients walking the path of self-liberation, healing & transformation.


This is massively empowering especially with daily practice as you see old negative patterns & behaviors falling away effortlessly with far more ease rather than focusing on trying to fix a problem. The energy of love & awareness is the transformational GOLD that alchemises even the most toxic energy, vibration or disease.

Yet, to master this you must be able to maintain a steady vibration of love which many of us due to the mind fall in & out of very easily. To stay present within the heart & allow love to flow through whilst keeping your focus in the here & now creates the most profound change.

This is an art of meditation - in particular, "The 7 Keys Meditation" which when discovered & aligned with creates a gap in the stream of thinking through which Higher Consciousness - Divine Love can flow. From here, miracles arise.

Take the time to invest in this now & I promise this will pay off & serve you for years to come. Please remember the reason we want or do anything in life is how we think it will make us feel - so make FEELING GOOD your priority.

All else will manifest from this.

Isn't love the seed you truly wish to harvest any fruits whether in life, health, relationships & business?

I've created this meditation for you because no matter how busy you are my friend, you can find 7mins a day which will serve your heart, our heart & the collective heart. Come back home to the heart & watch the beautiful manifestations that start to show up!

When your heart opens, the world around you transforms.

I promise if you commit to this practice daily, your heart will manifest your soul's deepest yearnings.

It's an invitation to drop the struggle, surrender to each now moment & re-align vibrationally to the Universe. 

You are loved, valued & the Universe wants you to open to receiving its gifts.

Namaste & thank you for doing this work lightworker!

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