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Goddess Greens

⭐️ Vegan ⭐️ Raw ⭐️ Organic ⭐️

  Nervous System, Anxiety & Immunity Blend

👇 9 x Powerful Superfoods:


Barley Grass, Chlorella, Wheatgrass, Hemp Protein, Camu Camu, Chaga Mushroom, Baobab & Moringa...


  • 175g = 35 Servings.

  • Simply add to any organic juice/ fruit/ veg smoothie/ non dairy milk/ coconut water or green mix. 


v Goddess Greens v

All Ingredients From UK 

Soil Association Certified Suppliers...

⭐️ Raw  ⭐️ Vegan ⭐️ Organic...

Superfood Greens | Anxiety & Immunity Nervous System

Superfood Greens | Anxiety & Immunity Nervous System

11 X Raw, Natural, Vegan & Organic Superfoods.

Simply add 1x level teaspoon to your daily juice...


1). Spirulina

2). Barley Glass

3). Chlorella

4). Moringa

5). Wheatgrass

6). Chaga Mushroom

7). Baobab

8). Hemp Protein

9). Camu Camu

  • Benefits & Ingredients

    Ensure approval from G.P if pregnant, on medication, or diagnosed illness.

    Please research superfoods as min research/evidence-based information is available.

    Always do a 24hr allergy test. Not recommended for kids or whilst breastfeeding.

  • Try My Alkaline Recipe...

    2 x Sticks Celery

    1-2 x Bunches Broccoli

    1 x Handful Kale/ Spinach

    1 x Avocado Flesh

    1  x Orange Grapfruit

    1 x Juice Lemon

    1 x Chilli 🌶 Snippet

    1 Tsp Flax Oil/ Coconut Oil




    (Optional - Tablespoon of: Sunflower Seeds/ Pumpkin Seeds/ Sesame Seeds/ Goji Berries Soaked Over Night).

    Blend together in high speed blender with juice from lemon/ grapefruit. You can add non dairy milk/ coconut water or filtered water.

    Non vegans - add in handful Bee Pollen...!!!


    ***Add 1 x Tsp of my Superfood Blend...



  • Benefits Of Each Superfood...

Organic Superfood Blend: Goddess Greens
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Goddess Greens
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