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Vegan Baobab Chocolate Truffles

If being Raw, Natural & Organic meant not being naughty I couldn’t do it…!!!.

choc truffles

This is one of my favourite treats for me & friends which I discovered from a workshop with Peter Pure whilst doing my Raw Food chef training. I often make these up & gift wrap them for those I love as they are ultra special. The taste is rich, indulgent & the pleasure will for sure delight you into a spiritual orgasm!. Who wouldn’t want that?. Be warned - they are messy to make up!

All you need is: 4 Simple Superfoods: Organic Agave NectarOrganic Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa Powder & Organic Baobab Powder or My Superfood Blend

15yrs ago I worked at a desk job in the city as a Director in the corporate world and lunch always consisted of a chocolate bar or two – bounty bars were my favourite!. After a couple of years I dropped the two chocolate bars and opted for a fun size bag of mini chocs believing I would only have one or two of these yummies a day.  Bad idea…!!.. it wasn’t until I would reach into the bag for yet another one, that I would look accusingly at everyone close by for having eaten all my mini bars that I came to realise the unconscious culprit was me!.

I was unconsciously nibbling on these delights throughout the day without being aware or mindful that I was doing it!!. It was only until the end of each day seeing an empty bag facing me…the realisation would dawn that oops I had eaten the whole bag again. I was gaining weight, my skin was dull & I was itching all over from the sugar, chemicals & preservatives.

These Raw Chocolate Truffles were a god send to me. I could still be naughty but I was actually putting what my body actually needed into it to be healthy & glowy. These are so tasty & rich that I also found I only needed one or two rather than my usual binge. I often make a big batch of these & stick them in the freezer. I often eat them straight from the freezer or leave a handful in the fridge to nibble.


Vegan Baobab Chocolate Truffles – Recipe

1 x Cup Raw Organic Cacao Powder
1/2 x Cup Agave Syrup
1/2 x Cup Coconut Oil  (melt in hot water to make runny).

1-2 x TBSP - My Superfood Green Blend or Baobab Powder



Blend all, set mixture in fridge for 5hrs (you then have Nutella!!!).
Scoop out with a teaspoon & form into small balls.
Roll in cacao powder, (or chia seeds), refrigerate &  allow to set again
Serve from fridge or freezer

The great part is you can really play with these as use many other ingredients to jazz them up. Here are a few ingredients I use to create other variations from the above recipe:

Sprinkle or add into mixture: – Desiccated Coconut – Chia Seeds – Goji Berries – Almonds – Banana – Sesame Seeds – Cocoa Nibs – Lime – Chilli – Orange zest – Bee Pollen – Can you think of others?. – let me know!.

I also often add in 1-2 tsp of of these Superfoods: Maca, Vanilla, Lucuma &/or Baobab work best for this recipe.

These are great for children too!

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