Rebel Deck Tarot Cards


The ANCIENT PRACTICE of divination just got a modern make-over, REBEL DECK style! These QUICK and DIRTY messages are meant for the PRESENT moment. Ask the cards," What does life want me to know, right now?" Get yourself a daily dose of REALNESS! We added a little insult to inspiration because this "Tarot" has ATTITUDE.

JL Review

"I have NEVER seen cards like this before. They are edgy, direct and AWESOME!" - J.L.

"I pick a card EVERYDAY! It gives me the kick-in-the-ass I need." - E.H.


REBEL DECK adds a little insult to inspiration. This rebellious tarot deck is quick, dirty and direct. 

They have the messages you may not want to hear, but need to hear.

  • 58 total cards
  • For the "Here and Now"
  • Coated
  • Each cards measures approx. 3"x5"
  • Black fishnet carrier pouch
  • Makes a unique gift
  • Unicorns NOT INCLUDED

£29.99 Per Deck plus £4.99 P&P