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A Ritual 4 New Beginnings

new Years Ritual - 2020 (1)

I absolutely adore these last few days of the year. For me, it's a precious opportunity to carve out sacred time to commune with my deepest heart, meditate, contemplate & reflect on the gifts, challenges, lessons, and blessings of the year.

So today, I'm sharing my New Beginnings ritual with you in the hope of inspiring you to dive even deeper into this precious NOW moment & listen DEEPLY to your soul where you will gain far greater clarity for your future vision & beyond.

Pull out your journal, unlock the gratitude within & download your workbook below as we prepare to light the way ahead...

Free Guided Meditation...

5 Steps To Release The Year & Step Into New Beginnings...


1. Get Still, Breathe & Meditate

10min | Beginner's: 7 Keys Meditation

2. What did you accomplish?

Look back over the year so far & you will find there is much worth celebrating regardless of the challenges we have faced individually & collectively this year!

Life is absolutely worth celebrating! - what small, big, or unplanned wins have shown up? What new values have you become conscious of? what truly matters to you?

Let's transform fear, regrets & disappointments & remind our inner child how proud we are,

You did great! - You go through a tough year

Now, let's acknowledge that...


3. What were your greatest challenges?

List some of the key challenges you have faced,

What has each one taught you?

How have you already grown through them?

How will you model this growth in this coming year?

What will you now do/BE/ Show up differently?

What new results/ gifts/ potentials are likely to show up as a result?

What were the gifts?

Let's welcome our challenges with loving kindness...


4. What are you no longer available for?

Look back over the last year & list some of the habits, behaviors, reactions, cycles, thoughts, beliefs,

conditioned patterns, negativity, stresses, fears, toxic people, environments & worries that you

are committed to leaving behind you.

What new potentials can now take their place?

Circle your top 3.

Create a positive empowering belief to support these.



5. What needs did you identify? 

Identify 3 needs that were not fulfilled by yourself or others.

How did this impact you/ them/ others?

What (mental, emotional, physical &/or spiritual) needs did you learn you most need?

Circle your top 3.

How can you ensure you meet these?

Who else can support you?

Own your needs!



Free Workshop & Workbook...


Now you have the basics, I encourage you to download the workbook HERE to allow your unconscious/ subconscious mind to purge what's ready to be released & share new insights & creative ideas ready to plant for the year ahead...

May this year be a year full of co-creative manifestations, abundance, joyful memories & heart that set your soul on fire!



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