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Sa - Ta - Na - Ma

"The eyes are the windows of the mind. When the eyes are fixed and unmoving, the mind also becomes still, focused & concentrated. This is liberation from the constant attachment, craving & clinging of the undisciplined monkey mind" Davinder

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Mantras are powerful tools for clearing and restructuring the subconscious mind. SAT NAM and its derivative SA TA NA MA are the two basic mantras taught by Yogi Bhajan to reorient the mind and thus open us up to the possibility of transformational change.

SA is the beginning, infinity, the totality of everything that ever was, is or will be.

TA is life, existence and creativity that manifests from infinity.

NA is death, change and the transformation of consciousness.

MA is rebirth, regeneration and resurrection which allows us to consciously experience the joy of the infinite.

SA TA NA MA - The power of this mantra comes from the fact that it rearranges the subconscious mind at the most elementary level. It has the power to break habits and addictions because it accesses the level of the mind where habits are created.

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1. Improves Memory Power,
2. Prevents Alzheimer’s disease
3. Its sound activates the higher chakras
4. If chanted before bed time will give you sound sleep and also cures Insomnia
5. Get Rid of bad habits & Addictions
6. Helps in Managing Stress
7. Emotional Healing
8. Improves Clarity
9. Brings total mental balance
10. Vibrations of the mantra cleanse the subconscious mind makes you calm and cheerful


How To...

***11 Minute Version

It can also be done for shorter times.

2 minutes OUT LOUD
2 minutes in an audible WHISPER
3 minutes chant SILENTLY. Keep the hands, L in the head and tongue moving.
2 minutes WHISPER.
2 minutes OUT LOUD.
Then sit quietly and listen inside, hear the mantra and experience the L in the head. Do not do the finger movements.

At the end, inhale deeply, raise the arms up in the air and vigorously shake the arms and fingers. You can involve the whole body and spine. Exhale. Repeat 1 or 2 more time if you desire. This is an important part of the meditation as it helps move and release the energy in the body. Relax for a few minutes before going about your day. Or relax on your back. If it is before bed time, simply go to sleep.


**I always recommend booking a program, package or coaching  to support your healing & transformation journey. 

**Ensure approval from your GP if you have any concerns about using my techniques if you are pregnant, on medication or have a health issue,

**You are committing to taking 100% responsibility for your own health & wellbeing at all times when using my material.


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