The "7 Keys" Meditation

7 Keys Meditation

The “7 Keys Meditation” is an extremely powerful mindfulness meditation practice suitable for all individuals regardless of gender, background, religion, experience or training.

Developed and practiced on hundreds of clients since 2005 for its impact on Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual health & well-being.

It has been shown to reduce anxiety levels, combat depression, lower blood pressure, support the healing of trauma, many diseases and chronic stress levels on clients over long term committed & consistent time periods.

The practice was created by Davinder Ojalla, having left the corporate world as a Director for Hays PLC.

The “7 Keys Meditation” & “MedYoga” were the tools that allowed her own healing.

Overcoming severe PTSD, acute Childhood Trauma, Intrusive Thoughts, Abuse, Eating Disorder, Smoking Addiction, Lower Back injury after a car crash that threatened to take away her longer-term ability to walk, Mental Pain/ Suicidal Crisis & paralyzing Social Anxiety.

Start practicing Key 1 below...Every day for 1-month minimum.




The "7 Keys" - Beginner's Key 1-2.


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Having learned how to access a deep meditative state with Davinder using her “7 Keys Meditation” the results were a considerable & immediate lowering of my anxiety & my blood pressure.

The 7 Keys Meditation was also a key tool to help me manage through cancer recovery.

I’m not sure I could have got through it without.

I continued to meditate after the operation, started a plant-based diet and I can say 3 years on I'm still cancer-free.

This work changes your life.

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