The Awakening Process

The Awakening Process has been designed & cultivated over 17yrs and successfully used to support hundreds of clients from a variety of backgrounds, age groups & varying experiences of inner journey work.

This is a very gentle, safe & yet exceptionally powerful process for understanding the different aspects of our being/psyche and how they influence our choices, decisions & actions.

We explore both conscious & unconscious/shadow aspects to the "Self" & "Pain Body" that require healing, understanding & compassion allowing the dissolving of unnecessary protection, sabotage & resistance to our happiness, freedom & higher purpose.

The Awakening Process

Through the integration of our splintered & fragmented parts, we can learn to rest more fully in the safe & loving embrace of the Higher Self and steer our choices towards our true values & a more conscious way of living.

A powerful journey through the cellular memory of the body

that allows buried trauma, deeper healing & transformation on the

Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual levels.

As well as a deeper relationship & understanding of the gifts of each of our "parts".

(£245 - Taster Session, £650 x 3 Sessions, £1150 x 6 Sessions, £1,450 x 10 Sessions)