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My Mission

MedYoga Therapy is my own expertise, crafted over 20yrs of training, teaching & personal practice.

A transformative, educational & profound practice empowering the individual to awaken their true Potential through Spiritual Power, Divine Connection & Ascension. As the world embarks on a journey towards higher & higher consciousness the human being will be impacted in many ways Mentally, Emotionally, Physically & Spiritually,

MedYoga & The 7 Keys Meditation have been created to assist during the Great Awakening & to support humanity during this evolutionary phase of self-discovery, liberation & enlightenment for the masses.


£30 Monthly Membership

Weekly LIVE MedYoga Class


Sundays: 5.00 pm - 6.30 pm (GMT)

 Join a weekly LIVE 90min MedYoga class with Davinder,

Can't make the LIVE? - Don't worry, this will be archived

for you so you can keep up your daily/ weekly practice for

when it's most convenient for you.


(Classes held via Zoom)

Intermediate Postures

MedYoga Library


Enjoy full access to the ever-expanding MedYoga Library

An archive of 10-90min MedYoga sequences, Breathing & Pranayama, Chakras, Sounds, Mudras & Mantras to enjoy discovering on your own schedule!

Beginners, Intermediates & Advanced Videos

Rejuvenating MedYoga, Therapeutic MedYoga to Power MedYoga!

All ages, abilities & backgrounds.

The "7 Keys" Meditation

Week 4 Of Every Month


Join me for a monthly LIVE 45min Group 7 Keys Meditation Circle

Can't make the LIVE? - Don't worry this will be archived for you for so you

can continue learning & evolving at your pace.

An extremely powerful & profound meditation for self-empowerment,

healing the pain body & self-liberation,

Suitable for beginners, all ages & backgrounds.

Monthly Sundays, 6.15 pm - 7.00 pm GMT,

(Classes held via Zoom)


Member Bonuses...


Audio Meditation Library

Quick-easy -effective toolkit armed with inspiration to heal, transform

& keep stress, anxiety & overwhelm at bay!

Breathwork, Relaxation, Visualisations & Meditations to

empower your life & keep your vibration lifted.


Fierce, Focused & Feminine - Podcast

Real, Raw & Naked Conversations with Courageous Women

Love, Sex, Addictions, Abuse, Healing, Transformation, Empowerment,

Cancer, Trauma, Eating Disorders, Life, Health, Relationships & Business,

Learning To Love The Self, Dissolve The Shadow & Ditch The Masks


Treasure Box

Snippets of wisdom, inspiration & tools from our

Fierce, Focused & Feminine sisterhood to get you out of a funk,

remind you of your divine power & re-align to your true

soul purpose for maximum joy, love & beauty.


1 Day Virtual Retreats

Enjoy a 1 Day Virtual Retreat from home or any location!

Experts in their field taking you through a powerful day of

deep self-nourishment for Mind, Body & Soul,

Plant-Based Foods, Mindfulness, Visualisation, Yoga, Mindset, Breathwork,

Cleansing, Detoxing, Coaching & More! - Coming Soon!


Lightworker Library

The soul loves nothing more than getting absorbed in new experiences &

a good book that praises & puffs it's power up!

These are some of my favorite lightworker books to keep you lit up!


MedYoga Playlists

Download my Spotify playlists to inspire your home practice

I recommend MedYoga 2018, MedYoga Indulgence & MedYoga Mantras


Spiritual Cinema

Disconnect from the outside world, grab some vegan snacks & enjoy a night in with your soul.

These are some of my favorite spiritual movies, documentaries & films.

Your soul will love you for this treat!

Davinder's Super Food

Vegan Library

Having been so incredibly lucky to train as a Raw Food Chef with Peter Pure,

I love spending time concocting my own recipes, creating adaptations or other vegan variations from all the incredible chef's recipes out there!

Enjoy & indulge without the guilt!


121 Free Session with Debbie Lawrence

Enjoy a free 30min consultation with my do'TERRA Essential Oils expert!

Find out which essential oil(s) would best support your

Mental, Emotional & Physical Health - we are all unique!

Absolutely no requirement to buy - simply learn more about yourself.


121 Free Skin Glow Session with Kate Mills

Enjoy a complimentary 20 minute session with Kate to chat

about one thing you might want to change about your skin or health.

Kate will offer you valuable insight into how it could be resolved

using a vegan & very whole-istic approach.


25% Discount

25% discount off my Superfood Green Juice & any items from my Organic,

Vegan, Raw & Natural Superfood Shop.


***Please read HERE in advance of your first class

Step By Step Instructions For Zoom, Terms, Conditions & Disclaimer


"Every Day I Choose To Send Loving, Healing Energy To The Planet.

What I Do With My Mind Does Make A Difference"

£30 Monthly Membership

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