The "Fierce, Focused & Feminine" - Podcast

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Welcome To The “Fierce, Focused & Feminine" Podcast.

Embrace a soulful approach to manifestation, fulfilment and a life that feels good from the inside out.

A space to reconnect to your higher self, wisdom & truth.


Join me, Davinder Ojalla - The lightworker coach, renowned spiritual teacher, transformation expert & success coach as well as other inspiring heart-centred entrepreneurs, creatives and leaders, in conversations about how to thrive in all main life areas: health, relationships, spirituality, love, intimacy, community, business and money.

This is the place to come when you need to get inspired & to keep you on track to your highest, most fulfilling destiny path as a soulful woman, leader, teacher, visionary, entrepreneur, healer, coach, empath, creative or lightworker...


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