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Deep Abdominal Breathing


Level: Beginners / All

Challenge: 3x Deep Abdominal conscious breaths every 55mins

Meditation: Practice daily for 5-10mins

Warning/ Contraindications:

Do not use this method during the height of an anxiety, panic or asthma attack.

See below for which breathing exercises to use during an attack or onset of an attack.

Always stop if you feel dizzy or lightheaded and ensure you have approval from your GP if you are on medication, pregnant or have an illness.

These tools are not a substitute for medication but can support you on your journey to full recovery.

Beginner's Breathing Exercises

Intermediate Breathing Exercises

Advanced Pranayama Exercises

What To Do During An Attack...

The Buteko Method

Level: Beginners / All

Duration: Start immediately on the onset of asthma, anxiety or panic attacks

Meditation: Practice daily for 5-10mins

Use for up to 10mins to dispel the attack - if the attack does not subside ensure you use your medication.

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