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The Power Of "I Am" Affirmations


"I Am - Meditation Of The Month"


An affirmation is a repeated message we say out loud or silently so that it becomes  a new program/ belief that can be installed into our subconscious mind"






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So what exactly are affirmations & should you be using them?

As a coach, teacher & healer I get asked this question a lot...


An affirmation is a repeated message we say out loud or silently so that it becomes  a new program/ belief that can be installed into our subconscious mind"


Positive affirmations can help to change our focus and take back control of our lives, but there are a few things we need to address first before we choose an affirmation that is actually going to get us the results we really want...


A positive affirmation that works for you & brings you fabulous results may in fact be the complete opposite for another! It all depends on where you're at with your current belief/ vibration.


Some positive affirmations, if you've experienced pain, loss, grief or trauma can even make you feel more disempowered & fearful, whereas for another bringing about an experience of great freedom & empowerment.


It's super important to not use affirmations superficially as so often all we do is place a band aid over a wound, which does not allow or honour affirmations as a process, a journey of self discovery & awakening.


Through self enquiry, understanding & correct application, a positive affirmation creates more ease for us to act, behave & feel from this new perspective rather than the old programming which in many cases is out dated & holding us back from discovering our higher destiny, true soul desires & greater self. 

Affirmations can be a powerful catalyst for change
if you use them correctly.



I've been using affirmations for many years, so understand them well especially when using them to heal old wounds, trauma & overcome mental blocks.


There is so much stuff out there about affirmations being used as a "quick fix" tool or "law of attraction hype" - truthfully, if you really want to see powerful results with affirmations, you need a guide/ coach that can help you discover your blind spots!


Other wise you just skim the nice fluffy affirmations & avoid where you really need to look and do the work! This is no merry-go-round, this takes commitment and a willingness to face your shadow side too.


Being willing to dive into transformation work allows you to uncover the affirmations that are personal, most transformative & unique to you. 



I much prefer to help my clients discover & find 1 powerful & deeply transformative affirmation to be used for 3-6mths or longer, rather than any & every.


To know which one is going to bring you the greatest results & rewards, you need to go deep into self enquiry & fish out the core beliefs (there actually aren't that many) that are the biggest boulders preventing your flow/ greater potential.



I'd love to share some tips, strategies & tools with you to get you started with affirmations so that you can use them in your daily life to create from a much more stable platform without controlling life!

There is a special knack to this.


I'm going to be holding a FREE Training class next week & I invite you to join me below...



In this training, you'll learn:


  • How to use affirmations to break through your upper limit,
  • How to use affirmations to transform negative emotions & thoughts
  • When to use affirmations & when NOT to use affirmations,
  • How to release resistance & maximise results with affirmations,
  • Why you may not get the LIFT off you want & what to do about it,
  • The pitfalls/ what to watch for as monkey mind attempts sabotage!
  • How to unlock a powerful affirmation that is unique to you.