The Raisin Exercise - Mindfulness Meditation

I came across this exercise several years ago & immediately knew the power this simple exercise could have on our Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual health & wellbeing.


The root of this exercise is in fact derived from the ancient yogic teachings of the power of THE PRESENT MOMENT.

30 Day Challenge

“Be Mindful, Be Present, Let Go, Are All Simply Saying BE Here Now”

I suggest doing this exercise for 30 days & do let me know how you get on with this. You can check out my video below & start with 3mins a day. Eventually you may want to build up to a 10-20min practise.

It’s sounds far too simple but this is what I want YOU to get - it is SIMPLE when the mind gets out the way & stops interfering. We have become so consumed with the doing-ness & need for information, our minds are so FULL that we actually do not have the capacity for more.

We are at a boiling point literally - on a personal level & collectively.

Your efforts to turn the steering wheel towards a more holistic approach to our evolution is needed right now, so I hope you take me up on this 30 Day Challenge - the results are remarkable! But you have to commit & put the work in.


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Lack of inner space is the CAUSE for the current EFFECTS that are showing up as dis-ease & dis-harmony on the planet right now.


This super simple exercise is a daily practise I've used for many years having suffered from severe PTSD, Anxiety, Bulimia, Smoking Addiction, Mental, Emotional & Physical pain.

This was just one of the tools that helped me, continues to hep me & is also helping many of my clients overcome, rather than try to fix the illusion of a problem.

The beauty of this exercise is that it re-connects you to who you are beyond the mind -  a spiritual being with vast power, unconditional love & acceptance. When this state is tuned into, tapped into, all that is in resistance to this high vibrational state/ frequency starts to fall away itself in its own time. Not the timing of the ego.

If you allow this process, believe & trust, it will fall away naturally. All things are temporary, all things will pass. It’s simply resistance that keeps energy/potential/ health stuck & blocked from the natural stream of well-being.

We will be training the mind to take a back seat so that our TRUE SELF can rest more fully into the PRESENT MOMENT. This is the only place from which you can authentically reach joy, peace & fulfilment.

The mind can only focus on one thing at a time


So if it’s focused on the raisin, it cannot be stuck in the past, worrying about the future or whether or not you are good enough, lovable enough etc etc which is the main cause for suffering, dis-ease & dis-harmony on the planet.

Focus on developing the person, not the problem.

The whole point about using a raisin to start with is that it gives us an anchor, allowing us to interrupt the restlessness, anxiousness & overwhelm patterns the mind is addicted to & thus creates space to allow our FULL presence to show up.

You can ONLY fully show up to life if the mind isn’t taking you out & for many of us it takes us out much more than allow us to rest in our own self/ being-ness.  Much dis-ease is created by not being able to enjoy “ourselves” anymore.

This simple exercise develops your PRESENCE POWER.

Your presence is the power that heals, transforms & returns life to its natural state of health & well-being.

Medicate with a raisin the next time you’re tempted to swallow a pain killer, get caught up in an addictive behaviour, fight, get verbally abusive or you find yourself sinking into a downward negative pattern/ thought/ emotion.


You cannot get lost & caught up in the illusion of the mind if you’ve dis-identified from it’s ramblings.


This mindfulness meditation exercise brings awareness back to all our senses - see, hear, smell, taste and touch. This allows us to feel much more grounded & embodied rather than being pulled & pushed into fight/flight response that in most cases are not necessary in the average context of life.

The technique sounds simple, but for a society constantly bombarded with stimulation, being still and present can be tough. If you’re new to mindfulness, you should start with joining me for my FREE on-line / virtual classes HERE:


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