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The Raisin - A Mindfulness Exercise


The Raisin - A Mindfulness Exercise

Many of us spend our lives reliving the past or rushing into the future without stopping to enjoy the present.

Practicing mindfulness can help us tune into what we’re sensing and experiencing in the present moment, giving you the ability to pay more attention to your feelings and bodily sensations without analysing them.

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One of the most basic and widely used methods for cultivating mindfulness is to focus your attention on each of your senses as you eat a raisin. A simple exercise is often used as an introduction to the practice of mindfulness. In addition to increasing mindfulness more generally, the raisin meditation can promote mindful eating and foster a healthier relationship with food.

Try it with a single raisin—you might find that it’s the most delicious raisin you’ve ever eaten.

Can't find a quiet space to meditate anywhere?

Practise this mindfulness exercise on the bus, on the train, walking to work, playing with the kids, waiting in a queue, before falling to sleep (to prepare the subconscious mind & brain for detox), before snacking, before making a decision & most importantly as a break -out every 55mins from your computer screen when using for long periods of time.

Keep a bag of raisins in your man/hand bag & you will have totted up so much more meditation time than you might otherwise fit in. It pays to build a responsive mind muscle rather than reactive!

If you practise this daily for just 30 days I promise you will see some great results showing up in your life , health, relationships & business as you become much more conscious about your choices.

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