Free Your Mind & Empower Your Life! (4)
Free Your Mind & Empower Your Life!

The Shadow, Lower Self & Mask

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As a spiritual teacher, I have for many years taught hundreds of clients to better understand, recognise & gain more wisdom about these 3 aspects of the human pain body.

The shadow self, the lower self & the mask self.

These, in fact, are avenues through which we can access, ascend & accelerate our spiritual growth, potential & evolution.

They are designed to wake us up, build resilience & untie us from the illusions of society. When we work with & not against these 3 aspects of the human condition, we will always re-ignite our soul's deepest desire for self-liberation, healing, expansion & enlightenment.

Understanding the needs, desires & messages of the SS, LS & MS are key to unlocking our deeper spiritual gifts and when understood, integrated & embodied we re-connect/ re-align to our True Self/ Higher Self activating our potential in all areas of life, health, relationships & business. 

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Trauma is often the key reason many individuals stay trapped within either the LS, MS or SS. Any unresolved trauma from childhood remains trapped within the pain body & always looks for ways to find release, often destructive. The pain-body is an energetic field that engulfs the physical body and keeps the individual vibrating at a lower/ dense frequency.


This frequency can still be felt by others that are sensitive and is made up of a mix of dense & heavy emotions that are unable to move into the light/ be felt fully & released/ integrated to wholeness. It is possible to find temporary relief from the pain-body & sustain what seems like a healthy life & career yet this can never be sustainable as the roots are not planted in healthy fertile soil.


This becomes a hell experience when the pain body is awakened but also when it remains dormant.


In a dormant state, the shadow self is hidden, denied & shame holds it hostage causing many people to feel too afraid to discuss their shadow or pain body with others.


This leads to pushing emotions further down, the need for a stronger mask which creates further loneliness, isolation & separation.


The longer this is left unresolved, the angrier the inner child becomes leading to a Lower Self that can often become rageful. This then creates a feeling of not feeling safe to be yourself, to be in life or with others. Again, this perpetual cycle leads to greater self-sabotage and now showing up more and more as suicide victims due to fear of the inner world and not being in control.


The majority of trauma experienced before the age of 7yrs old impacts the inner child at such a deep level the child learns it is not safe to be who it truly is. The result is a disconnection from love/self-acceptance and thus the creation of the mask. The real cry is a need to liberate oneself/ the mind from pain & suffering.


To the extent the mask is protected & has been used to fulfill the needs of the individual is a reflection of how wounded the inner child is. The greater the need for a mask, the greater the lower self/ shadow = the split from the healthy child.


It is usual to not be aware of all this until the manifestations, actions & behaviors as an adult get riskier,  more dangerous or self-sabotaging. The symptoms can be addictions, eating disorders, workaholism, mental health, chronic anger, fear, anxiety, suicidal crisis, isolation, depression, etc.


This is a cry for love from the inner child, a return to the heart & a letting go of all the external sources of fulfillment that have created a trap and leading you further & further away from the true needs and wants of your inner child.

It is possible to heal, transform & liberate the shadow self, lower self & dissolve the masks but it is essential you access support, tools & teachers that can guide you to move through this safely.


If you would like to find out more about topics like this & how you can heal ANYTHING and thrive, come join me in "The Lighthouse"...

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