The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura


The Solar Plexus is the 3rd of 7 main chakras. A chakra is a multi dimensional portal that flows energy in & out of it's centre. The 3rd chakra is your energy power house and holds the key to activating your true, authentic & higher power, worth & potential...

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The solar plexus chakra starts in the centre of the belly button and extends up to the breastbone or where your two sets of ribs connect in the centre of your chest. It's often referred to as your "gut instinct".

Each one of the 7 main chakras house your soul's life lessons learned & yet to be learned on this Earth School, so sometimes they can be open & healthy and sometimes they can be closed or a little blocked. All dependent on where we're at in our evolution to that particular life lesson.


The solar plexus houses the seat of your personal power - It's your energy power store house & is associated with confidence, self belief & authentic action. The more conscious we can become to ensure we make choices from love & trust rather than fear & doubt the more this chakra guides us into powerful intuitive action that will lead us to greater fulfilment, deeper meaning & higher purpose/contribution to the good of all.

As we develop our intuitive ability & respect the messages & voice of the solar plexus, this inner space opens more fully to express ourselves out in the world as our Higher Self without the ego fears of visibility, not being good enough, rejection, manipulation, control or annihilation holding us back. This is a hugely powerful chakra yet at the same time massively vulnerable and stores some very dense energies from the collective & ancestral line that need to be overcome before we are liberated and able to stand fully in this powerhouse.


This is the area you feel as the pit of your stomach. It’s where you experience the feeling of fear when the body’s sympathetic nervous system responds as the ‘fight, flight, freeze’ response.

It is also where you may experience repressed anger, negativity, depression, powerlessness, anxiety, terror or helplessness. This can lead us into planting unhealthy seeds or into actions & behaviours that come from insecurity, neediness, timidness or indecisiveness/ confusion. To balance and energise your solar plexus, make a list of all the things you're good at - your talents & abilities.


Feel how the confidence in those talents makes your stomach tingle & vibrate. Empower that feeling by imaging a golden sunflower or the sun exuding out of this centre. Think of the tremendous power of the sun & allow this to penetrate into the solar plexus & beam its rays/ light out to the world uninhibited by fear. Let the bright yellow beams dazzle the world around you & trust its safe to stand in this energy and own it as your personal power, worth & potential. Your happiness is a result of how much you allow yourself to rest & trust in yourself, your being-ness & your presence through which confidence naturally arises & exudes out to others & the world as a powerful embodiment of Source/ Divinity/ God/ Creator.


Use this guided meditation as often as you feel called to. This will energise this chakra as well as start to uncover & unlock some of the deeper buried subconscious blocks, limiting beliefs & thoughts that are preventing you from taking inspired action towards your soul's potential without stress, anxiety, overwhelm or imbalanced action driving you. The more you allow your awareness, mindful attention & consciousness to rest in this physical location of the chakra, the more you will start to feel & sense emotional blocks, memories & thought patterns that will start to rise up from unconsciousness to the surface of the conscious mind for transformation.


Your presence, compassion & awareness is all that is needed to shift the energy blocks & stagnated thought forms/ beliefs held here which as they start to dissolve, lead you to inspired new choices, actions & behaviours carried by a lighter, easier & more effortless energy than one of trying to motivate yourself to change or fix a problem.


The Awakening process & The 7 Keys Meditation are powerful tools to support you in this transformation process of healing & taking back your power through self mastery of the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual bodies. Join me to learn more below...

Affirmation For The Solar Plexus:

‘I let go of all fear that holds me back from my true power, worth & potential.’

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