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Your Higher Self is that aspect of your being that isn't identified with the limiting mind & so has a more expansive, liberated & truer vision of your life & potential.

Your Higher Self does have an agenda for you - one of love, connection, joy, liberation, purpose etc.

However, for the majority of us, we are still conditioned to think, act & behave from the past, future & mental conditioning so our minds can often get in the way of allowing our Higher Self to guide our life choices, decisions & vision.

There are many tools you can use to stay connected to your Higher Self or realign when you have drifted...

I created the "Higher Self Analysis" to help my clients gauge where they may have this disconnection as it shows up as an imbalance in life. The Higher Self has a very different agenda to that of the Ego/ Mind.

When we ignore disconnection, we feel depleted mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually which can ultimately lead to a host of health issues, relationship issues & unnecessary trauma, pain & suffering.

Taking the time to step back, review & realign to your soul's agenda is the mission of your Higher Self as this is where you feel most alive, energised & connected to the Universal Flow/ Source.

Grab your journal, get still & check-in with yourself this week for some self-discovery, inner enquiry & fresh insights into how, what & where you wish to focus, co-create & invite more of over the next few months.

I do this exercise every 3mths & check in with it every month to help me get some insight into where I am on my transformational journey, to remind myself of what my true values, needs & wants are, and to ensure I take small steps each month that help me progress forwards.

Today I'm sharing this with you all which has helped many of my clients:


1). Get clarity on what they most value in life,

2). Discover which areas of life are causing an energy leak,

3). Re-prioritise where the heart & soul truly wishes to focus/ engage your energy,

4). Understand where to set clearer boundaries, what to ditch & what to keep,

5). Create some soulful goals for the month that are aligned to the Higher Self

6). Take small steps towards progress rather than perfection,

7). Release self-judgment, overwhelm & confusion for clarity & breath!


***Accountability - check back in with yourself 3mths from now & reward your successes!

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