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Everything is energy, you are energy, I am energy - the whole Universe is made up of energy! Even your thoughts, beliefs & emotions are ENERGY.

Now energy vibrates & pulsates at different speeds which we refer to as a frequency. Perhaps a high frequency (high speed) or a low frequency (slow speed) or somewhere in between!

And of course, your physical body is also ENERGY, so it is impacted by the energy your conscious & unconscious thoughts & emotions are emitting. Our energy is always creating, attracting & manifesting whether we are conscious of it or not. 

Taking the time to become more aware of our thoughts allows us to have the confidence to play more with the Universe, embody confidence & step into becoming much more of a deliberate co-creator with the Universe rather than feeling victimised.

How many of your thoughts are you really conscious of?

Possibly 10%, the other 90% buried deep within the unconscious/ subconscious mind! (according to NLP)

(It's much simpler when you start your journey of transformation to become more aware of your conscious thoughts. The unconscious thoughts take more self-mastery & practice to bring into consciousness, however, can be accessed with a guide through certain methods: The 7 Keys Meditation, The Awakening Process & Inner Child Work/ Regression)


We actually couldn't live in our everyday world if we were aware of them all so there's a good reason they are out of sight. However, any thought we judge, resist, suppress or is filed/ buried out of sight is creating & manifesting unconsciously for us. So it's essential we learn to release resistance to what's within our unconscious mind so that we can surrender, let go & transform this energy back to flow by bringing it safely into conscious awareness.


Consciousness is what transforms energy, energy can only ever be transformed. We can never create new energy as energy is all that exists - it can only be transformed/ alchemised/ changed from one vibrational frequency to another. The power & strength of your consciousness is what allows this process or disallows this process. This is the fundamental teaching & skill required to master within the "7 Keys Meditation"


Your thoughts are not creating your reality - like so many teachers and experts talk about. Your thoughts are neutral & have absolutely NO power over you. You can have any thought and it would make no difference to how you felt or what you manifested. It is what you DO & how you BE towards a thought that creates your reality - GET THIS! - It's not the thought!


If you BE judgemental, unkind, unattentive, unconscious, unmindful, unloving, uncompassionate, fearful etc towards a thought you are now in resistance to the thought. It is resistance (=fear) that alters your vibrational frequency to one of unconscious attraction.


Transformation & evolution are natural & necessary & this requires a certain level of self-mastery, self-awareness & self-love.

It starts with slowing down, paying attention & being mindful of which thoughts & feelings you are actually having drive your actions, words & behaviours. It's as simple as asking: "Is this thought coming from fear or love?",  "Am I treating this thought with fear or love?" Your mind is the root cause for the way in which you experience & respond or react to the world, either creating more love & trust or fear & doubt.


Treat all thoughts with love, compassion & kindness and you will accelerate - no matter how ugly, wrong, shameful or bad the world/ mind/ society may have convinced you they are. Bring your true self to them = LOVE & they will melt away in your presence layer by layer.


The latter is a much more powerful vibration to embody resulting in authentic fulfillment, love & success but not the easiest when our mind's have been conditioned with specific beliefs & models of reality for generations! Yet, part of the experience on the Earth Plane as a soul is to awaken out of this conditioning and return to the true potential that exists when we disidentify from the mind.


This week I'm sharing a tool/ printable I use for my clients to help us become more aware of our thought processes...


Your model of reality & experience of life is a direct manifestation and extension of your conscious AND unconscious thoughts, emotions & belief systems (your vibrational frequency). So unless we start to examine or enquire into this we will never evolve or simply keep spinning our wheels with the same repetitive cycles, choices, patterns (karma cycle) rather than liberate ourselves!


The majority of our conditioning has been passed down to us by childhood experiences, society, peers, adults, ancestral lines, etc..and anything that is too much for us to bear, feel, integrate remains in the unconscious mind, keeping us creating our own fearful & limiting prophecies. The only way to transform, evolve & create something different is by moving into & through them, not by keeping them buried.


The majority of your beliefs are not what YOU have chosen consciously but you are LIVING them as this is how you have been programmed to view life, yourself & the world. 

This IS limited & not the potential that exists for you and your life.


The good news? -


You can take the junk out the trunk!! - this is the Awakening & Ascension journey - taking out all that is holding you back from being a fully liberated, fulfilled & joyful embodiment of Source.

Join us in "The Lighthouse" as we go deeper into group transformation, inquiry & healing...


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