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Transforming Thoughts & Belief Systems


Your mind is like a computer containing lots of files!  These files contain information you have gathered about yourself, the world, as well as hold memories & interpretations of all your experiences as a child in this lifetime & also previous lifetimes.

However, the majority of us only have very limited access to these files and can only access the ones on the surface. We call these the conscious files - they are easy to pull out, remember & access.

Some of these files make us feel happy, alive, positive, etc etc. Yet, some of these files don't & may contain viruses that impact us negatively mentally, emotionally & physically.

Everything stored in this computer both conscious & unconscious is creating your model of reality - belief systems that you come to believe are true of yourself, life & the world around you. Your beliefs inform your choices & greatly influence your behaviors as well as the destinations you will arrive at.


When you reside as pure consciousness itself, all mental structures, thoughts & belief systems break down creating more and more space for Source to work through you.


If we really want to create liberation for all, it starts with the MIND. When you pull out the toxic roots within the mind, all else falls into place naturally, effortlessly & in perfect alignment with the soul.


Transformation happens through you, not by you. 


Remaining as consciousness allows you to disidentify from the mind so you can return to your natural state of flow, ease & connection without having to nitpick at each and every thought/ belief you might or might not have - how exhausting would that be - not to mention a complete MIND F!


Thoughts & belief systems create separation whereas Consciousness/ Source knows there is no separation and can never be anything other than love. It is not our belief systems that create pain & suffering in ourselves and the world but the lack of consciousness and presence needed to disarm them.


MedYoga, The 7 Keys Meditation & The Lighthouse are teachings & educational platforms to lead you to freedom from the Mind through greater awareness, healing & transformation through the cellular body.

Your belief systems are not only showing up in your life & mind but also your body!


You 100% must develop a greater relationship with your body so that you can hear what is stored in the files of your mind. Often our minds are so full of garbage & thousands of thoughts that trying to become conscious of them is simply exhausting! It's like trying to chase after an untrained child on rollerblades!


Contrary to popular belief, you are not the one that decides when you will be liberated from a belief system & most definitely not the one that is in control of determining which belief system you wish to transform. There is an intelligence at work within us that knows exactly what is ready & ripe to be transformed. Our job is to listen & allow this process in perfect divine timing and it is the body that will take care of this process for us if we stopped getting in its way and interfering.


Your role is to simply bring awareness to whatever arises within your cells/ energy body, have faith & trust the body to clear out any garbage from the mind. However, you must be fully present during this process which right now does not happen for us except when we meditate or do yoga. 

Unfortunately, when the body starts to purge, the majority of society panic and think something is going wrong so resist this process creating pain for themselves that needn't be there if they trusted and surrendered to the healing process, and allowed SOURCE energy to move through and do & complete its job!


This shows a massive collective limiting belief - we do not TRUST the Universe and this is the belief that has us fight the body, assume the body is diseased rather than see from a higher perspective that the body is simply trying to flush out belief systems that are not serving you and are going against the truth that the Universe LOVES you.


If we can become sensitive enough to catch early on within the energy body when a belief system is causing a block, we would not need to wait for it to show up in the physical body to get the wake-up call. This would allow us to heal the block within the energy field of the human & only karmic conditions where the soul has chosen to experience a specific disease would manifest.


We would not have resistance to LIGHT & LOVE created diseases!


This is the only true way to transform deep-rooted belief systems - through the body. It cannot be done through the mind as the mind created them in the first place!


Learning to embody the physical vehicle you have been given fully, allows the soul to enter and this will naturally start the process of clearing out, purging & de-cluttering the mind. When you clear out energy blocks from the physical body, you create more space within the mind. True transformation is understanding the cells of your body contain great wisdom & intelligence - your physical cells contain all the memories & blueprint of your previous experiences & lifetimes.


MedYoga is a practice that allows you to start to connect to the cellular memory of your body and awaken, heal & transform limiting beliefs, trauma & fear through purging the pain body, old memories & blocks through the physical vessel. Your cells want to purge anything that is of a dense vibration but can only do this at a deep level through the power of your consciousness.


Directing your consciousness into the nucleus of a cell, remaining as the observer allows the DNA, cells & all density to shift, break apart & be renewed. I have been using this on myself for nearly 20yrs, facing massive blocks & boulders of stagnant energy = old belief systems and transforming these through MedYoga & The 7 Keys Meditation.


Your consciousness, the power of your focus & presence can pierce through & break down ANY belief system that is holding you back from liberation. We all have this power & more and more individuals are waking up to this truth as we move into "The Golden Age".

However, it takes discipline, daily practice & a desire for enlightenment to face the shadows & demons that arise when you walk towards freedom. You can do this & the Universe does fully have your back!!!


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