Transforming Your Destiny

This life tranformative program with Davinder provides in-depth counselling, healing & transformational coaching over the span of 3 mths.

The format offers an unprecedented opportunity to break through limiting beliefs, fears, long-standing patterns & old behaviours and claim the life you were born for. It’s also the perfect container for focusing on your bigger vision & specific life goals taking powerful action steps toward them.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from Davinder’s own 15- 25yr immersion, transformation & spiritual journey. 

People who commit to this intensive process with Davinder report a re-connection with their highest purpose, profound changes in their health, emotions, wealth & relationships with life altering results with a renewed joy & love of life.

Sessions are scheduled fortnightly and pricing for the Transforming Your Destiny Program is £3k.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Sessions: Fortnightly sessions over 3 months.
  • Length: All sessions are 60 minutes
  • Format: Via Skype (video or audio) or telephone
  • Community: Free MedYoga School membership. 
  • 1 Month Free Membership: The Lighthouse: Free Audios, Manuals & Workbooks, Inspirational Tools & Resources, Meditations, Video Training & More!

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Master your mind, breakthrough the invisible barrier & transform your ideas, business, lifestyle & health so that you can live an enriched life whilst making a massive positive impact in the world.

...& of course have way more fun too!

  • Do you ever aspire to have it all? The lucrative business, empowering relationships, healthy body etc, but somehow you’re not creating the results you really want in ALL areas of your life? Leaving you feeling out of balance, lacking presence & mentally/emotionally scattered?
  • Have you ever set a powerful intention for a new personal practice like meditation, healthy eating or yoga? Promising yourself that "this time, I'm gonna stick to it" only to find that a couple of weeks later the old habits are back & your integrity is in tatters?
  • Do you ever find yourself doubting your own inner guidance & intuition? leaving you feeling confused or frozen from taking the next action that would up-level  your life, health, relationships & business?
  • Do you ever wish you could create a life or business that gave you the steering wheel to effect what you create within the world & your own life without the compulsive thinking, anxiety & overwhelm?

Does this sound familiar?…

  • You’re overwhelmed with thoughts & emotions that won’t switch off, leaving you worried about the future, tethered to the past & totally numb in the present moment?
  • You’ve worked yourself to the bone for that pay rise, house or relationship, only to find that everything you worked for now leaves you feeling trapped & utterly unfulfilled?
  • You’ve been dreaming of having a small business, one that allows you to enjoy time & financial freedom but lack the courage to actually go for that dream, & when it comes to the jump, you find yourself totally frozen in action?
  • You feel ready to take the plunge into creating your dream life, yet find yourself behaving in ways that directly conflict with what you say you want?

If you answered yes to any of the above, and you’re ready to transform your life, health, relationships & business you’re in the right place...

Transform your mind, body & life so that you can make a positive impact in the world & help others achieve their biggest dreams too.

Picture yourself, a few months from today…

  • Creating a much more lucrative & successful life & business from the foundations that truly nurture sustainable growth so that you can thrive & flourish without the slumps & burnout?
  • Feeling much more courageous, daring & rebellious as you dive into your deepest fears, creating new pathways, possibilities & breakthroughs inspiring not just yourself but others too.
  • Leading as a visionary to inspire others, harnessing your true values, new beliefs and a mind, body & soul that’s fully on track!
  • Focused, clear & inspired to leave a legacy as you stand tall & confident, knowing you’ve got the strength, wisdom & emotional resilience to overcome anything life throws at you.
  • Living 100% as your most authentic self, confidently sharing your expertise, knowledge & life lessons from a deeper and more meaningful purpose to make a real difference in the world.
  • Enjoying consistent and nourishing daily self-care rituals that energise your body, clear your mind and keep you in a consistent high-vibe state, leaving you not just feeling amazing, but looking it too 😉
  • Feeling balanced, calm, relaxed & happy, knowing your new choices & decisions are a true match to your unique goals, visions & dreams.
  • Feeling fully alive & more connected to life in a much deeper way, seeking fuller, freer, more expansive ways of living your desires either through your work, play & relationships.

Sound good?


  • Stop feeling paralysed by fear or lack of energy as you set even BIGGER GOALS and thrive with confidence as you take full control & responsibility to step into your best self every day.
  • Give up trying to control everything and feel back in sync with life as you consciously flow through emotional storms and challenges knowing you have the inner resources to deal with anything life throws you.
  • Free yourself from the limiting beliefs & negative thoughts holding you back surfing through any resistance and & saying yes to new opportunities to maximise your full potential & soar.
  • Get greater clarity on your true purpose, calling & mission so that it reflects your life & business to create the abundant & authentic success you really desire & make the difference you were born to make.
  • Create rock solid foundations internally & externally that sustain long term success & balance bringing an end to overwhelm, confusion & burnout.
  • Put an end to unconscious unhealthy habits & discover foods, exercise & rituals that lift your spirits and allow you to fuel your greatest passions, desires & mission.
  • Have clarity, confidence & trust on your path as you receive expert support to master best self practises, create a higher vision and implement a 6mth plan that integrates realistic, step by step goals to support you all the way.

Coaching & mentoring for ambitious individuals that are ready for their next level in life...

This is for you if you’re..

  • Ready to unlock your greater potential, purpose & mission and do whatever it takes to get there - because you’re finally done with any mediocrity.
  • Ready to top up internally BIG TIME and truly commit to loving, valuing & caring for every aspect of your mental, physical & emotional health.
  • Ready to take a firm hold of that steering wheel, take full command & responsibility for mastering balance, success & joy in your life.
  • Ready to step higher into your full potential, use your unique gifts &  serve the world in a much greater way.
  • Ready to say yes to more prosperity & abundance, having the confidence, to want it all.

I only work with individuals who are willing to take full responsibility for their situation & are 100% committed and dedicated to the power of feeling good.

I absolutely reject clients who have no desire to achieve their full potential and who lack the courage, commitment & dedication to face the storms, transform & change.

Investment: £3k