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Identify & Discover Your True Needs


We have a spiritual teaching that compares the human to being much like a house, made up of four rooms: Mental -Emotional  - Physical - Spiritual.

When all four rooms are in balance and the needs of each room are being met & cared for in a positively nourished way we thrive. Constant neglect, lack or imbalance in any one room eventually creates an unstable foundation for the whole house.

Our well-being is closely tied to having our needs met.

We must first identify what our true needs actually are as for many of us, we don’t actually know. Identifying our needs gives us more clarity enabling us to step more fully into owning our confidence when asking for these needs to be met.

Not all our needs can be met by those we want to meet them, so we need to ensure in those cases we’re committed to creating new empowering habits, behaviours or actions to ensure we can meet these needs or find others that can rather than falling into blame or victimhood.

When we start to get good at identifying our needs & communicating these more effectively we open to enjoying better relationships, a greater sense of being good at what we do, and more freedom & safety to be our true self. Need recognition and need fulfilment are closely linked.


We also tend to:

  1. Be more emotionally stable, less likely to get stuck in self sabotage, negative emotions, worry, and are less anxious in social situations.
  2. Have less fear & overwhelm caused by  (“FoMO”). When I know what I need, I can focus on fulfilling that need rather than worrying about what everyone else is up to that I’m missing out on.
  3. Feel more secure in relationships. Low awareness of needs being linked to worrying about being abandoned, rejected and doubting that the important people in my life really love me.
  4. More able to fulfil another's needs & enjoy the process of giving when we have clarity on our own needs & wants. We are free to give, receive & serve without agenda or manipulation.
  5. More interdependent than fiercely independent which often separates & divides rather than foster intimacy & connection.

I've created a worksheet for you below to help you start to open up these rooms!...

The Fourth Wind (1)

"One Of The Biggest Obstacles To Asking For What We Need Is Often That We Don't Even Know What We Need"

"Figure Out What You Want & Learn To Ask For It"

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