Hatha Yoga + Mindfulness + Chi Exercises


The benefits to practising chi/prana/life force exercises, bodywork, breathwork,

meditation, mindfulness & medyoga are endless!

Here’s just some of what you can expect…


  • Improved mental, physical & emotional health,
  • Areas of your life feeling much lighter & more enriched,
  • Improved sleep, increased memory & more clarity,
  • Improved ability to focus, concentrate & stay present,
  • Confidence to deal with whatever life throws at you,
  • Improved relationships, intimacy & connection in life & love,
  • Healthy & alive sexual intimacy/ pleasure with life/self & others,
  • Increased self-image/ healthy relationship to the body,
  • Ability to make better choices & intuitive decisions,
  • More calm, peace, ease, flow, purpose, passion & fulfillment,
  • Improved relationship with self & less inner conflict,
  • Improved self-love, self-nourishment & self-care,
  • More socially interactive, community-focused & wholehearted,
  • Increase in capacity to give & receive love, joy, pleasure & wealth,
  • Inspired to consciously create & take empowered action on your dreams,
  • More physical, emotional & mental energy for creativity,
  • More enthusiastic surrendered & trusting of life,
  • Renewed excitement, passion & purpose for living,
  • More compassion, stability & balance,
  • A deeper connection to your soul, insights & higher consciousness
  • Potential spiritual path to freedom, enlightenment & self realisation,


All this is possible.

QPR Football Team

Thank you, Davinder! This was just what was needed. Expertly lead, deeply therapeutic & challenging! I know MedYoga is going to help the team Mentally & Physically. We can't wait to have you back for more!



"Davinder is very intellectual & a truly extraordinary teacher & coach.
Having practiced self-development for more than 10yrs, I find Davinder & her work so unique.
Her teachings have a deep healing power that helps me transform my thinking, attitude & behaviors in many ways. Now being a working mum of two little children, my regular practice with Davinder brings more power, energy & confidence in daily life"

MedYoga Practise is also a highly effective therapy used for the management of

Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, Suicidal Crisis, Addictions, Compulsions, Emotional & Mental Health

as well as tapping into the greatest Source of Potential that Exists within you.



Developed & tested over 17yrs on hundreds of clients, deeply therapeutic breathwork & bodywork practice for beginner level encouraging individuals to awaken their own potential for self-healing, co-creation with the Source & living mindfully.


While short bursts of pressure can help us to rise to meet a challenge, the breakdown & collapse of old structures, stress & fear can feed negatively on our physical, emotional, and mental health. MedYoga (A therapy combining Stress Reduction, Mindfulness, gentle Hatha Yoga, Vipassana Meditation & Self Awareness aims to address low frequencies & vibrations of fear, trauma, stress, worry, anxiety, depression, suicidal crisis - mental health issues, premature physical degeneration as well as provide tools to shift to higher frequencies & vibrations.


MedYoga Therapy is a deeply therapeutic practice empowering the individual to awaken their true Potential through Spiritual Power, Divine Connection & Ascension. As the world embarks on a journey towards higher & higher consciousness the human being will be impacted in many ways Mentally, Emotionally & Physically.


It is imperative all human beings have access to the tools & teachings that will allow them to navigate this shift in consciousness from 3D to 5D in a safe, compassionate & loving way as low, dense & toxic energies (beliefs, thoughts & emotions) are purged from the collective & individual subconscious mind at high speed. This can have a massive impact on the physical body and needs to be managed with deeper wisdom, insight & understanding of this process.


MedYoga & The 7 Keys Meditation have been created to assist during the Great Awakening & to support humanity during this evolutionary phase of self-discovery & enlightenment for the masses. These teachings will allow you to build resilience, stability & heart power to lead your own awakening and step into your True Self/ Higher Potential.


People have reported feeling more engaged in their life, relationships & community, more energised, fulfilled & passionate, less anxious, as well as sleep better and have fewer physical symptoms of stress, after engaging in a course. MedYoga has been developed and studied since 2005 for its impact on mental health. It has been shown to reduce anxiety levels and stress levels on clients considerably over-committed time periods and awaken higher states of consciousness.


MedYoga practices provide effective tools, teachings & processes that are aimed at empowering the individual to effectively manage life's challenges, strengthen one's inner resources & step out of one's comfort zone, opening up more & more doorways to freedom through adjusting the vibrational frequency of the human energy field.


A 60 - 120min practise allows us to slow down the brainwaves from Beta to Alpha & below which fosters an environment for deep healing at a cellular level, physically, emotionally & mentally.



"Often used by clients to complement therapy & as a holistic approach

as referrals from GP's, Cardinal Clinic & The Priory for

Mental, Emotional & Physical health"