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Awaken Your Divine Inner Child


At the core of every individual lies what I refer to as "The Divine Inner Child"...

Yet it's a very small percentage of human beings that have fully awakened to receiving this golden, magnificent gift that lies within.

This is the happiness we are all searching for as the "Divine Inner Child" is joy, love, self-expression, freedom, play at it's most creative.

Unfortunately, many souls have fallen asleep & got lost in the external world of illusion and ignorance creating separation, suffering & disconnection.

The Divine Inner Child is the aspect of the Self that is closest to the "Source" and it's True Self/ True Nature.

There are several ways we can start to connect, establish & maintain a stable & consistent connection with the "Divine Inner Child"

Through "Inner Child Work" you will reach a point where you will be asked to release the past, let go of the future & enter the present moment.


This is where you will face the highest fear bridge & be asked by your soul to cross over and allow your Divine Inner Child to shine through you in its uninhibited form.


For many clients I have worked with, this is where their greatest fears come to the surface & they want to run! - self-sabotage, worry, excuses, blame, judgments all come soaring to the surface. Can we really fully trust, surrender, let go, let go, let go & be seen without a mask - really be vulnerable & safe?...


Yes!! but it takes huge courage to open fully & allow the light, beauty & magnificence of your Divine Inner Child to be seen by the world.


Some won't like it, some will fear it & some will love it...yet most importantly you will surrender to not needing anyone's approval other than your own. 


Unfortunately, many individuals create an energy block/ disease/ disharmony resisting the Divine Inner Child as they feel they are not worthy of the gift of receiving themselves, fear of change & what others might think when they SHINE and become a different version of themselves.



You are worthy & as spiritual teachings have been telling us for thousands of years...the gift is within you!!! Accessing the Divine Inner Child is a gift to yourself, the world, and an act of self-love. Please receive yourself as there is no greater gift in this world. When you do embrace your Divine Child within, the world around you changes!


You will attract & receive from the highest vibration of joy. Appreciation, gratitude & love of life naturally rise to the surface & bubble up as a frequency of magnetism attracting soulful, fulfilling gifts that warm your heart, healing yourself & this world.


The Divine Inner Child is your recovery! - Join us in "The Lighthouse" to learn more and enjoy our monthly live call & transformation circles.


In the meantime, use the worksheet above to create a Daily Communion with the Child Within & let me know how you evolve through this incredible new relationship!

To your awakening & ascension!

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