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3 x Tips To Manifesting Soulful Abundance

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We draw to ourselves vibrationally anything that we continuously place our attention on. So, we manifest into our reality that which we focus upon - whether we are focused on what we don't want or do want it will be moving towards us!

This is the foundation of all meditation & mindfulness practices.

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Through creating inner stability we no longer react to that which we don't want when it shows up & instead learn to accept it, learn from it & allow it to dissolve whilst re-focusing & strengthening our focus, concentration & attention muscles to re-direct our energies towards new creation from a higher state of consciousness.

We can choose to learn how to become conscious creators and deliberately wake up from unconscious states using the observer self and practice focusing our attention on moving towards that which we desire through various tools & techniques.

I'm sharing 3 tips with you below that I recently shared with my Fierce, Focused & Feminine ladies to support you in your awakening journey to manifest much more juicy stuff from the soul.

Enjoy manifesting & have some fun with it!

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