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What's Your Abundance Story?

We often assume material wealth is THE symbol of abundance but I want to break this perception and explore true soul abundance.

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Material wealth for sure can be a consequence of soul abundance but it can only bring fulfillment & true inner richness when it's rooted in soul essence. Abundance is a state of BEING. Your connection to your BEING is the richness you truly want & desire.

In my mid twenties I was earning 3x the salary most my friends were. By the time I was in my late twenties I was promoted to Regional Director for Hays PLC earning much more than I ever dreamed possible. Yet, internally I didn't feel RICH nor did I feel ABUNDANT.

In fact, I felt overwhelmed, burnt out & craved peace.

I hadn't realised I had traded my soul in for the need to have approval, need to be loved, need to be in control, need to be successful, need to be of value & need to be accepted. My needs & people-pleasing were killing my joy and ability to enjoy any of the abundances that were there. My needs were suffocating my soul because they were ego needs not soul needs. I forgot to feed my soul & had lost my balance.

My soul was so dried out & undernourished I had to change my path completely as I was feeling so disconnected. I leaped off this path & found myself teaching yoga in halls earning £20 a class if I was lucky!

I loved what I was doing & it brought me so much closer to my soul & what I sensed was more of the real me & much more fulfillment. Did I feel abundant? internally yes - I had moved closer to soul fulfillment yet something was missing there too. I was doing what I loved but now I was always worrying about money & my future so struggled to be content with the financial abundance that was showing up.

15yrs on, I am much closer to the feeling of abundance I have come to believe is true abundance. It has nothing to do with how much I accumulate, how much is in my bank account, how successful I am, how many friends I have or even how loved I am.

Abundance is a relationship - the relationship you cultivate with yourself/ your soul/ your true self through your earth journey. When you feel connected to your soul, you trust yourself & allow a far greater source to move through you, guide you & co-create from your heart power rather than a need so every now moment becomes liberated & abundant.

The universe wants to give to you & it wants you to learn how to open up your channels to liberation & receive soul abundance in all it's many forms - wealth, love, flow, ease, clarity, calm, intimacy, connection, peace, joy, freedom, health, miracles etc etc.

These arise when you align with the flow state which is a deep union with your true self. When we co-create with the universe from our soul essence life becomes rich from the inside out & we feel much more confident and valuable knowing we are a piece of the divine.

I would love to teach, share & guide you into a relationship with that divine spark within you so that you can enjoy this abundant & truly rich connection. From this foundation, you will LOVE your manifestations and be free to create all that you truly desire from your soul truth.

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