World Meditation Circle with Davinder Ojalla

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These classes are lovingly offered on the principles of generosity-base economy.

You can pay the amount you can afford to support the classes. For those of you who are inspired to give more, please do as generosity is a beautiful thing & all funds are being supported to make "The 7 keys meditation" available to all at this much needed time.

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Mondays 7.00pm - 7.45pm

Weekly Donation Classes 4 Everyone...


1st Wednesday Of The Month - 30mins | The "7 Keys" Meditation 

2nd Wednesday Of The Month - 30mins | Themed Guided Meditation

3rd Wednesday Of The Month - 60mins | The "7 Keys" Meditation 

4th Wednesday Of The Month - 30mins | Themed Guided Meditation

***There is huge power when a group circle is formed for a common intention to lift the vibration of the planet.


Monday night meditation classes may be pre-recorded to ensure quality & live-streamed @7pm to The World Meditation Circle & on  Davinder's YouTube

***The class includes 1/2 hour of guided meditation & may be followed by a 15-minute talk.

The "7 Keys Meditation" has been founded over 15yrs to assist individuals through the current awakening & ascension journey of the planet as we all shift vibrationally from 3D to 5D frequency.

This is a profound, powerful & effective meditation aimed at unlocking the wisdom of the physical body & a deep purging of the Pain Body.

Safely allowing for a deep purging of past mental, emotional & physical trauma trapped within the cellular memory and the dissolving of old programs, thoughts & beliefs holding us back from Liberation, Source Connection & 5th Dimension.

Through mindful awareness, compassion & loving-kindness, we access heart power to safely & consciously bring to the surface the unconscious pain-body so it can be fully transmuted & transformed back to wholeness.

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Namaste, Love Davinder x