Your Life Matters

A specialised, bespoke & uniquely tailored program supporting females in suicidal crisis in a non medical setting.

The only coaching program of its kind in the UK that offers long term transformation, tools & support combining the mind, body & soul, filling a gap in services, between the medical support of the NHS, helplines and drop-in centres of the voluntary sector.

Often used by patients discharged by the priory or other clinics who require building blocks to create immediate & long term empowering behaviours.

I help individuals experiencing anxiety, fear or a suicidal crisis master the mind so that they can take back their power, own their true value & take the necessary steps to start to create the life they really want.

The higher self code is a system that inspires the individual to take control of their own destiny, discipline the mind & learn how to transform  emotions, thoughts & behaviours so that they can live a more meaningful & purposeful life with much more peace, stability & love.

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