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Rewire The Brain, Reset The Nervous System & Heal Trauma Wounds


I’m Davinder Ojalla.

I like to do things a bit differently...


Davinder is a qualified licensed therapist: Diploma Counselling/ CBT @Institute Of Natural Healing

(specialising in Trauma Recovery: Abuse, Rape, Addiction, Mental Health, Suicidal Crisis, Eating Disorders & Grief.

Also a qualified Hatha Yoga & Meditation teacher and 2yrs @Greenwich, London (School Of Energy Healing).

Founder of "The Lighthouse": (MedYoga Therapy, The 7 Keys Meditation, Moon Circles & The Awakening Process)

Over the last 20yrs, I've empowered thousands of men, women & children Mentally, Emotionally, Physically & Spiritually.

Having left the corporate world as a Director for Hays PLC, I committed to share these tools as they allowed me to

manage, overcome & experience freedom from years of sabotage, relentless pain & suffering:

Childhood Trauma, Abuse, Racial Violence, Physical/Mental Pain, Panic, Anxiety, Eating Disorder, Smoking

Addiction, Emotional Breakdown, PTSD, Suicidal Crisis & Spine Injury as a Car Wreck survivor.

And take small daily steps to heal & reconnect to my Higher Soul/ Source/ Authentic Power.

My mission is to free all individuals from a limiting, destructive & fearful mind so they

too can find their authentic power to build a life of the highest purpose,

heart-powered & in true alignment with the soul.

My work is channeled through the energies of Quan Yin/ Divine Feminine

& My Spirit Guides: The Guardians Of Light.


Clients have included:

The General Public - all ages: Kids, Teens & Adults, QPR football team, Film &

Music Artists, Corporates, GP Referrals, Priory & Cardinal Clinic Patients,

Nurseries, Schools & Corporates.

I believe every individual deserves to know their
& never have to live in fear of it.

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121 Healing & Therapy

What they say

testimonial anon

Davinder has an essence and an energy that you just really want to be around. When working 121, she is compassionate and loving - but also fierce and totally prepared to kick your butt when required! Our coaching session together gave me fresh insight into questions that had been bugging me for a long time, and clarity about my future path. I can't wait for our next one!




Within minutes of our first coaching session she gave me a better understanding of myself and some of my behaviours & her guidance took me to what were clearly deeply buried blocks for me, getting me more in touch with the depths of my core to really experience what was going on.

Each session has brought breakthrough moments, which have led to clarity, joy, tears, amazement, and always peace.

Most importantly, Davinder has given me the ability to develop myself.

Go see Davinder. You will be so glad you did.



The journey so far has been has been amazing, I have learnt so much about my potential, with all the ups and downs life has thrown at me.

Davinder gets you thinking and pushing you to be the best person YOU can possible be.

Today I feel amazing. I know where I want to go & I have a clear direction.

If you ever have the opportunity to work with this amazing lady grab it with both hands, the journey is truly life changing.

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Thank you Davinder! This was just what was needed - expertly lead, challenging & deeply therapeutic. I know MedYoga is going to help the team Mentally, Physically & Emotionally - and the boys want you back for more! 

QPR - Football Team

Andy Taylor

Having learned how to access a deep meditative state with Davinder using her “MedYoga & 7 Keys Meditation” the results were a considerable & immediate lowering of my blood pressure & key toolsto help me manage through cancer recovery. I’m not sure I could have got through it without.

I continued to meditate after the operation, started a plant based diet and I can say 3 years on I'm still cancer free. This work changes your life


Davinder is very intellectual & a truly extraordinary teacher & spiritual coach.
Having practised yoga for more than 10yrs, I find Davinder & her classes are so unique.
Her teachings have deep healing power that help me transform my thinking, attitude & behaviours in many ways. Now being a working mum of two little children, my regular practise with Davinder brings more power, energy & confidence in daily life


Ken M

After a breakdown, I tried Davinder’s meditation course, and was encouraged to take 1-2-1 coaching. This continued on a regular basis until we both felt that I had come out of the other side, better able to deal with life’s issues. Her obvious care for my well-being helped to put things into perspective for me. I still do MedYoga and Meditation, and my best sleep is after a practise.


Steve Munn

Davinder is a truly gifted , warm and knowledgable teacher.

Davinder has a unusual gift which she just can’t help but share & spending time with her is always a powerful, but gentle reminder of just how much we really are capable of with the right guidance.


Kate Morris

I love this woman! Davinder is unique & a true, pure essence & gift of the divine. She knows exactly how to nurture a seed from the depths of despair to blooming into new potential. She picked me up at a time when I was crashing & her grace, love & wisdom allowed me to create a vision and live the life I now live - free & enjoying life!


Andie O

I want to thank you for a truly wonderful experience. I feel refreshed and content. You are a talented teacher and I am inspired by your philosophy. I am going home with the best of memories having met an awesome bunch of women. I would love to come again if you’d have me.



Davinder is just amazing. My healing session was very effective; with her gentle yet powerful guidance, I learned how to observe my emotions and body sensations. I had an immediate shift in my being. It is very obvious that Davinder has years of experience and understanding of human body and energy.


Susanna Coleman

Davinder is truly unique.

I have dipped in and out of depression for a number of years, and as part of this have seen various medical professionals, with minimal impact. I have seen Davinder for a small number of sessions and have been able to challenge and change some of the negative aspects of my thought process and lifestyle in a way I have not done before, having much more of a significant impact than in the past.


Amy Humphries Headshot

Thank you so much for the best time ever! You've inspired, helped & transformed me more than you'll ever really know. I'm so glad you found your path & embody it so fully. Your dedication, light & glorious transparency & grace is such a joy to behold & get amongst. Lead the way!.



Thank you for bringing love back into my life and creating the many moments of peace, breath, serenity and good health. Best week I've spent in years and totally healing.



Thank you so much for an incredible week. It has been an unforgettable journey and I feel I have learnt so much. Your beauty, radiance & wisdom shine through.



A day full of bliss. "Fierce, Focused & Feminine" was everything I thought it would be plus more! Davinder has such an amazing energy about her - I am honoured to have been a part of this workshop. Thank you for your incredible knowledge & delicious food!


100% pure lady! Your warn heart, your warm smile, the gentleness of your eyes, the kindness of your soul. Your spirit radiates a gift of love that only a lady of respect, loyalty, dignity, honour & beauty can possess.



I have been having private 121 sessions with Davinder for over a year now & I cannot recommend it enough. I love MedYoga & Davinder is professional, inspirational & empowering! A joy & wonderful sense of calm, wellbeing & personal power always arise after a session. Self love, self acceptance & compassion should be something we all strive to learn & be more proficient with.



I was incredibly drawn to attending the "Fierce, Focused & Feminine" workshop as part of my spiritual development. The day allows you the space to find out what is important to you & how to get back to you. It was also lovely to meet like minded women. So grateful. Thank you!


Leysa H

What an amazing day! - love, joy & peace in abundance!. The power of this course reaches everyone, no matter where you are on your spiritual path. The day explores potential and how we can reach it through living mindfully & empowering our feminine energy to be the best we can be: to live honestly, with authenticity & learn to love more.


Emma S

Thank you for your patience, guidance & wisdom. You have been the perfect host & the most inspirational change agent.


Thank you so much for your knowledge, wisdom & love as well as your pure grace!


sarah c

Your enthusiasm, dedication & sheer love of your work is a testament to what shines in you & through to the world - Thank you for inspiring me!


Helen V

Thank you so much for this week. It has opened up a whole new world to me that I didn't know I would be a part of. You have an amazing gift & I am incredibly privileged that you have been able to share it with me.


What a journey I've had! I've had the most amazing time and I wouldn't have missed a minute of it. You are a wonderful teacher & I thank you for all your support and wisdom. I feel I'm going home feeling so much more at peace.



I cannot even begin to think of words suitable to convey how utterly grateful I am to you. MedYoga has not just fundamentally changed me as a person but you have shifted ho I love. With your direct help, support & energy I have experienced things I didn't know were possible.


I can't thank you enough for this last week. You are honestly an inspiration! I wish I had found you sooner. Keep sending your love & light to the world & one day the whole world will be happy & shine like you do!



Thank you for being you. You are always an inspiration to me & you have changed my life for the better. Thanks for an amazing week & I look forward to our future journey together.



Thank you so much for this wonderful week, from the juice, yoga, meditation, ethos & so much more. I really enjoyed it.


Tash R

Thank you so much for a super fabulous retreat! I certainly feel like some of my blocks have ben cleared - now to work on the rest of them!



I had a wonderful MedYoga session with Davinder last week. I do my own practice at home but it was sooo good to have an experienced teacher guide me gently yet very professionally through postures. The emphasis was on holding the posture, breathing and being in the correct alignment. I felt wonderful afterwards and would highly recommend Davinder as a teacher.



The best Yoga teacher, so spiritual and enlightening - the best yoga class I have ever been too. Friendly and open teaches with compassion and I can’t wait to book my next classes. A soulful and meaningful yoga class. Highly recommend for all who want to embrace yoga and it’s teachings. Authentic and highly experienced teacher.


Priya T

I have been going to med yoga for over 20 weeks!! Medyoga is my door to unlocking my true self and practicing self love. It’s my happy place where I can be at one with like minded people.

I attend the Monday evening classes with Davinder and I’m so Happy that she is my Yogi / spiritual leader. I feel at peace as soon as we have started the class! the class is super relaxing and you don’t realise that your working out with long posture movements!

Not many people talk about this but, I am one of the silent sufferers with Anxiety and depression, because I’m simply embarrassed, however this week is my bad week and Ive been using the tools from this class my panic attacks! 
Just simply practicing breathing that people forget about!

Davinder, thank you, you are a wonderful healer, and I can’t wait for our class on Monday!



Today, I attended a real yoga (not only physical but also mental practice) class and want to share my experience. MedYoga is a discipline that teaches you to ultimately be yourself , not to blame others and that responsibility for you happiness, your safety, lies with you...Davinder injects her own amazing personality with just enough philosophy to create a relaxing and calm environment. This yoga class is good for all abilities. If you are a beginner like me put your mat in the middle of the room so that you are surrounded by positive energy...I would not hesitate to recommend Davinder as a yoga master and lightworker coach to anyone and everyone! Namaste


I really recommend Davinder’s workshops. I attended one in December and I was surprised how much it helped me to relax but also inspired me to get in touch with who I really am and what changes I would like to make in my own life. I slept so much better that night than I have done for a long time. Thank you so much Davinder, really looking forward to the next workshop.


Leysa H

Thank you so much for your wonderful course (Fierce, Focused and Feminine) and being incredibly generous with your knowledge, wisdom, energy and gifts, they are truly appreciated.

I will definitely be joining you in the future with many of your spiritual awakening events because the tools are so invaluable.


Jane B

I’m loving my lessons with Davinder, I’m really not in any way or shape a yogi, as I a real beginner. I am learning and going from strength to strength with her support! I would really recommend the lessons to anyone thinking of doing it, especially if you are frightened of beginning as it’s super friendly and small classes! Loving it!



If you ever stumble across Davinder, I encourage you to experience her unique spiritual teachings. I am truly grateful to be a member of her Lighthouse community, and what a group to be apart of. Davinder's love, wisdom and intuition has guided me through deep healing and transformation. It's a true gift and, once experienced, leaves an imprint on your soul. Davinder's presence and light holds the space so that your own light too can shine.  The teachings do not just fade away, they become apart of you.


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